Popular television shows depicting the lives of criminal psychologists can get you all excited to sign up for a criminal psychology certificate course. But before you commit to three months or more of learning because you want to become one of those interesting CSI Miami characters, you need to understand the difference between reel and real-life criminal psychologist first. The former may be inspired by the latter but some reality check is necessary if you are serious about this career.

First of all, the fun may start to diminish once you realise that you won’t be pursuing a very active role in hunting down offenders. Remember that TV has been guilty of dramatising scenes and characters for ratings so do not feel deceived if your job becomes a little “boring” than expected. However, it will be a thrilling career path nonetheless and one that will keep your skills in constant challenge. TV has exaggerated but don’t lose faith, it will still be a heart-pounding journey.

A lot of fascinating tasks are sure to come your way and these will vary by the institution you’ll be working for and your particular position. As a criminal psychologist, your core responsibilities will include determining a person’s psychological competency, evaluating victims and offenders and providing psychotherapy and other forms of support to individuals or groups. If you want to know more about what people in this field really do, take criminal psychology courses and interact with true industry professionals.

Second, while government agencies are almost always the employers of criminal psychologists in the tube, many private institutions are in need of their services too. Law firms, rehabilitation centres and insurance companies are just some examples of these establishments. So if you think you need to spend your entire career in the FBI or DEA, well it’s nice to know that you have many excellent options in this aspect.

Lastly, outside TV, criminal psychologists can possess many titles. These opportunities or career transitions are rarely seen on TV. Other than being called a criminal psychologist or forensic psychologist, they can grab the position of a counsellor, welfare officer or psychologist. Of course, experience and further education may be required in certain jobs and positions.

In real life, many criminal psychology jobs do not require tracking down a Hannibal Lecter but you will still contribute greatly to the society. So if you believe you have what it takes to become one, now is the best time to enrol criminal psychology diploma criminal psychology diploma courses. Criminal psychology is one of the most beguiling and rewarding career paths you can take, especially today when unfortunate events that require expertise of a criminal psychologist happen all the time.

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