I know that you are wondering.

How do they do it? How can these people give advice after advice from their own life day in and day out?

How do they have the energy? And the time?

Well, through my series of interviews with some of the top 50 personal development bloggers today, one thing is clear. They have a hidden weapon.

It's called...

...being an early riser.

Below are some of the quotes I have from my interviews. You can see for yourself how strong and clear this message is. Become an early riser and your life will change.

Being up before everyone else is truly a wonderful experience. The peace, quiet and focus will bring value throughout your entire day; just listen to what these early risers have to say:

Early Riser Interviews with Top Personal Development Bloggers:

1. Alex Blackwell - TheBridgeMaker.com
"For me, it’s my secret weapon. Being an early riser gives me the chance to get ahead of my day before my day gets ahead of me."

2. Srinivas Rao - TheSkoolOfLife.com
"I've found that my best work is done early in the morning. I'm more creative in terms of my writing. It's just really peaceful when the rest of the world hasn't woken up yet."

3. Alden Tan - alden-tan.com
"Try to make the habit of rising early. Mornings are truly special. Get up, and let your life improve on its own."

4. Jeff Nickles - MySuperChargedLife.com
"It never ceases to amaze me what I'm able to accomplish by getting up just one hour earlier. All this, adds up to some real accomplishments."

5. Marquita Herald - InspiredGiftGiving.com
"Whether you use the time to get ahead of the day as I do, meditate, exercise, or just spend some quality time with the people you love, that little bit of extra “mindful” time can go a long way toward reducing stress and creating a happier frame of mind"

6. Tammy Strobel - RowdyKittens.com
"For me, it's the perfect time of day to get centered and to think about my work projects. Plus, I'm a photographer and I love taking photos of the sunrise."

7. Courtney Carver - BeMoreWithLess.com
"I think our morning routines become a way to get out the door instead of getting into a great day and I wanted to change that in my own life."

8. Tyler Tervooren - AdvancedRiskology.com
"Find a pattern for yourself that you can stick to that allows you private time."

9. Ken Wert - MeantToBeHappy.com
"Not only am I more productive because of the freshness of the early morning, but there aren't the normal day-time distractions that so easily pull us away from our goals and plans."

10. Vidya Sury - VidyaSury.com
"I secretly feel that the day magically stretches beyond the actual 24 hours! I get a great head start to my day by rising early. I am mentally more alert and I get more done."

11. Dragos Roua - DragosRoua.com
"[Being an early riser] helped me to wake up early on pretty much everything: relationships, business opportunities, you name it. It helped me see things before they happened, in a way."

So as you can see, being an early riser has very strong correlation with success. Out of the first 15 top bloggers that was interviewed, 14 were early risers and 11 of them had time for an interview - fantastic.

There is just something magical about being up early in the morning. What I especially learned from these people is how important it is to have a fresh mind when you write. This enables you to be highly creative in your work.

In fact, this is how I have been able to build my very own website. Every morning between 4.30 and 6.00 I spend time writing and editing my posts. If I would have stayed as lazy as before, nothing would have been accomplished.

So if you want to read all of the full interviews, I urge to have a look all the http://www.early-riser.com/early-risers-interviews.html straight away. There you can get the full insights.

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