Getting rich is what most people greatly desire. And why not? Having more than enough money enables one to take care of his/her family better, travel to different places, live in luxury, realize dreams and simply enjoy life to the fullest. But of course and unfortunately, not everyone is born rich. While there are individuals who flit around the world, there are people who live and struggle every single day to make ends meet. There are employees who are stuck in the proverbial 'rat race', and thus never accomplish anything. And sadly, there are those who merely exist to go to work and sleep. Such people, though they really want to get out of poverty and alleviate their living standards, instead die failing.

But everyone should fret not - there is a so-called science to getting rich. It is quite a different approach to achieving financial prosperity, as compared to most self-help books, because this somewhat inexact science relies on the power of the universe. It is like a whole new philosophy, and almost akin to the Eastern way of thinking. It believes in a One Force, a Formless Intelligence or a Primordial Substance that governs the cosmos and every living and non-living thing in it. The main core of the science to getting rich is that every thought, created by any rational creature, projected to that Formless Intelligence will be produced and made true.

The science to getting rich also says that to impress a thought in the Substance, a man must come into harmony with it. It can be done by sincerely giving thanks to all the blessings the man is given by the Universe; such kind of gratitude is received by the Formless Intelligence. Life, whether happy or miserable, must then be accepted with joy and thanksgiving. And with harmony, any thought that is projected to the Formless by man can now be produced and realized.

This is now where the 'getting rich' part of the science to getting rich comes. When a man is in harmony with the Universe, he can form a clear and definite mental picture of what he desires to have and to become, sort of like wishing upon a star or a genie set free from a magic lamp. The science then says that the man must hold on his thoughts. He must have full faith, devotion and gratitude to the Formless Intelligence that provides, and he should spend his free time contemplating on his thoughts and vision. He must keep thinking about his desires, dreams and goals. This is the process, so the science to getting rich says, on how to impress a thought to the Formless Intelligence.

For those visions to be realized and received, man should always be active and keep in mind his desire of getting rich. He must be generous in every occasion and persevering in every work, and then the Formless Intelligence shall give him everything that his heart desires.

It is that easy, so there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to attract amazing wealth and abundance once you understand the powerful secrets of the science to getting rich.

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Dreaming of finally living a life full of abundance, prosperity, and success? Discover the blueprint of the most successful people to walk the planet and apply their secrets to the science to getting rich