When a person persists at a task, we say that person has determination or motivation. But where does that determination come from? Some would say it comes from dedication, commitment, or sense of duty. But I believe that Core Desires are the sole source of both the determination and the motivation that are critical for success. If you are not pursuing a Core Desire, you won't be very motivated or dedicated. You won't pursue something relentlessly unless it is a Core Desire.

Once you learn to unleash the power of your Conquering Force by drilling down to the Core Desires in all areas of your life, you will find your life filled with more joy, satisfaction, and balance. Notice that I said learn. Tapping into your Conquering Force happens automatically once you learn to correctly identify your Core Desires.

Motivation from the outside (extrinsic) usually only scratches the surface. That's why it has little or no lasting power. But when you're driven from within (intrinsic) by a Core Desire, nothing can stop you .

When you know exactly what you want, the Conquering Force becomes available to you at full strength. All great accomplishments are the result of extraordinary determination and drive, both of which come from Core Desires.

You, too, can become an extraordinary person-achieving all your heart's desires-when you harness your Conquering Force. It even creates new talents and characteristics as needed. The Conquering Force engenders enthusiasm, determination, commitment, creativity, discipline, and drive, and it leads to great satisfaction and joy. Any person who is in the process of achieving a Core Desire is already an extraordinary person.

I'm often asked, "What motivates you?" My answer is simple- I'm motivated from within by my many Core Desires. I clearly recognize my Core Desires, and then I act upon them because doing so brings me great rewards and joy. My Core Desires are written on my heart, and what is written on the heart always comes to pass.

A man once told me, "I don't understand how I can be something that I'm not or do something I'm not comfortable doing. I'm not confident, I'm not dynamic-I'm just a low guy on the totem pole. I can't take advantage of opportunities that come my way. How can I make the kind of money I want and need when I can't even earn enough to pay all my bills every month? In the past, I've never earned more than thirty-two thousand a year, and I'm limited because I don't have a master's degree." His list of reasons why he couldn't be more successful or earn more money was never-ending.

I asked him why he was letting his past determine his future. He couldn't answer, so I continued by talking about Core Desires and the Conquering Force. But he confessed that he had no hope and no chance because all the good opportunities had already passed him by. He felt his life was devoid of all happiness and joy.

Many people think opportunity only knocks once; others believe it knocks many times. But I say that opportunity doesn't knock at all. You must knock. When you are driven by a Core Desire, your Conquering Force won't allow you to knock lightly or timidly. You're anxious to get that door open because you want what's behind it, so you knock hard- with force and determination-until the door opens. You might even break the door down or pick the lock-you'll do whatever it takes to create the opportunity.

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