Ace of Pentacles -All aces in tarot suits represent new beginnings, and in this case, a new beginning for a financial endeavour. At the least, this is a time of abundance and prosperity.

Two of Pentacles - The image of a man juggling two coins represents the notion of juggling one's finances and life, but that help is coming. This card also represents trying to give oneself a little flexibility in finances.

Three of Pentacles - This particular card represents that you have done well and can be rewarded for a job well done, and often this represents a financial accolade or raise.

Six of Pentacles - This card is valuable for reminding one to be charitable. Give because one wishes to and has plenty, but not because this may endear you to others.

Four of Pentacles - A man clutches his coins close to him, and signifies the notion that one who earns their money can sometimes grow stingy and miserly, forgetting to spend money on things they may enjoy or may need. This card asks that you loosen your purse strings.

Five of Pentacles - This card shows a sense of financial loss, maybe even ruin, but that you can begin to put things back together and move on.

Seven of Pentacles - Another card in the tarot suit of Pentacles that represents prosperity, this card also reminds one to reward oneself during a time of prosperity. If you worked hard for something, then enjoy it. Don't feel guilty for doing so.

Nine of Pentacles - A card of true positivity, this card represents abundance, a good life, security and well-being in one's life.

Ten of Pentacles - Finally, this card represents the notion that there is money within our grasp, wealth is not far away, but one must be willing to grasp the opportunity.

Eight of Pentacles - This card is the classic tarot card to represent one being in a career that they enjoy or excel in, and a desire to use those skills to increase one's wealth and focus.

Pentacles is a powerful suit that correlates with the modern playing deck's suit of diamonds. They have been called discs, stones, and coins depending on the interpretation of the deck, but on the whole identifies as a symbol of wealth. The divinatory meanings of each card(excluding Court Cards, as we will discuss those separately).

In the study of Tarot, one must begin with the basics. So, let us take time to delve back into the world of the Tarot deck, studying a suit of the Minor Arcana, the 52 cards of the Tarot deck that resemble modern playing cards. So let us look at one of the four suits, so that you, too, can begin to understand tarot as you go through the process of self-discovery and growth as you either begin to perform your own readings, or find a reader who suits you. The suit that we will discuss is the suit associated with earth, the suit of Pentacles.

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