I am asked frequently about the chakra's. Each chakra is representative of connections to life. The tribal chakra or the root chakra is the first chakra center. It is my hope this brief synopsis will explain a bit more about that interconnection to life.

The root chakra is the base of all the power centers of the human form. Although physically located at the base of the spine, it is considered to be the root of energy power. The foundation if you will. The correlation to spiritual truths is the base of a human life foundation as well. It is from this base that the tribal family comes from. It is the tribal consciousness and collective willpower connecting us by absorbing energy from the tribal interactions. The code of behavior of the tribe guides the development of dignity and belonging.

Tribal power is energetically connected to the health of the immune system, legs, bones, feet, and rectum. The immune system in the human system is the relative to the tribal power of the body. The two are interconnected with one another. Tribal challenges can cause a power loss making the physical body susceptible to immune disorders. This can be from a simple cold to a long term chronic disorder such as lupus. It is important to remember that immune related difficulties are energetically activated by a weakness in personal tribal issues.

It is thought that epidemics are simply a negative group experience in tribal cultures. As an example, the great depression saw a great epidemic of polio. Until the tribal culture was healed, the epidemic went on. Viral and other forms of epidemics are a reflection of the current social issues of cultural tribe. Thus health of social “immune system" was crippled. The great depression which began when the news in 1929 called the nation a crippled nation. What happened the tribe became infected with a social fear. This social fear resulted in an emotionally crippled nation full of depression and suicide. Following an epidemic of polio. How did the nation heal itself? The WWII healed the nation emotionally restoring and growing tribal unity resulting in pride and power. The end result the nation elected a president with polio thus declaring itself healed.

A more recent correlation could be made with the epidemic of HIV. This is a victimization disease which can be directly related back to a lack of tribal cultural. The process of any spiritual development challenges us to retain tribal influences which are positive and to simply discard the negative influences. This leads further to pursue a deeper level of truth for self.

Every shift toward symbolic awareness that is made will positively influence personal energy and personal biological systems thus contributing positive energy to global tribe. It can be called “spiritual homeopathy" or spiritual maturation. It is important to understand that each belief and each action taken has direct consequences to this power center.

Creative and symbolic expression of all is one is to participate in energy and physical events created by groups. This means that it is unity in truth of all is one. Carl Jung, a psychotherapist and philosopher, believed that the group mind is the “lowest" form of all consciousness. He further believed that because individuals involved in a negative group action rarely accepts responsibility for their personal role and action. This is known as the shadow side of All is one. In unwritten tribal law, it is perceived that the leaders are held responsible for consequences not the followers. However, given power of unified beliefs, right and wrong, difficult to be at variance with one’s tribe.

Symbolically this adaptation reflects the union of individual willpower with the groups willpower.

In a healthy tribal culture, we unite to create. The desire to develop individual power and authority is striving to be conscious. The journey is becoming conscious and how to use the power core. This is the power of choice and direction. On an energy perspective becoming conscious requires stamina. Change is the nature of all life. Both internal and external change is constant. Each change inwardly is directly related and as a result of outgrowing certain belief patterns. As this happens a personal belief system is evaluated which is essential to both spiritual and biological function.

When life crisis happen it indicates a need to break free from beliefs that no longer serve the person. This is points which need to be changed or are stagnate. Each cross road is simply a new cycle of change. The change simply means letting go of a belief and moving on. Becoming conscious of this means a person must take personal responsibility for themselves. Taking personal responsibility for self no longer allows excuses of “tribal reasoning" for a persons behavior or actions.

Tribal loyalty is another aspect of All is One. Loyalty is considered an unwritten law that tribal members can rely upon one another. The defect here is that loyalty can be toxic when used to hold influence over other tribal members. Loyalty can be a beautiful tribal quality as conscious loyalty is a commitment to tribal members.

Code of honor within All is One is a combination of spiritual and ethnic traditions and rituals of the tribal culture. An example is baptism. Baptism energetically bonds new members to a group having spiritual power. Honor radiates strength within and aligns us with blood and ethnic relations. It teaches significance of keeping your word and acting with integrity. A sense of honor contributes positive energy into both the spiritual and biological energy systems. Without honor it is impossible to stand up with pride and dignity. This is due to a lack of frame of reference for behavior or choices. Thus the person can not trust themselves or others. Without a conscious code of honor a person has no moral stability. The absence of this individual code of honor can extend beyond the boundaries of personal tribes and become well ingrained into society in general.

All is One also has the law of justice energetically within it laws. The tribal justice maintains a social order among the tribal members. Energy reward happens when a single tribal member accomplishes something of value to the tribe. Although tribal justice is necessary for social order does not reflect the reasoning of the Divine. Using our baptism is giving out human justice to a passage to Divine reasoning. For example, if you can view tribal circumstances as a Divine “arrangement to promote spiritual advancement rather than physical comfort, (you) can consider events as essential to personal development instead of punishment for actions". The ultimate lesson is only real justice is Divinely ordered.

The first chakra intuition is to help us live honorably with each other and to evolve beyond misperceptions that contradict the truth that All is One.

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Dr. Carla Goddard is Director Of Connections for the National Awesome Women Hub Tour. She connects the women of the tour with the media, blogs, other social networks and her passion is envisioning what the world needs next. Called the Sacred Soul Shaman, Carla draws upon the energetic flow of life to help others both heal the soul and have profound shifts in awareness. She loves being a part of this “tribe” of women. According to Carla, "Through the active presence, communication, and connections we bring to blazing this new path, we will change the world together." Carla is a shaman, visionary, author and speaker who carries her "fire" to everyone she meets. She is also known as "Ashira" by many.