As a small business owner you know very well that it's all about cash flow. Certainly you want to feel fulfilled, follow your passion and help people, but at the end of the day, if you aren't making money, it's not fun. Money stress is horrible and no one enjoys it.

Yet, if money is an issue for you and you struggle to have enough paying clients, it could be you have some limiting beliefs around giving and receiving that are not supporting your success.

The formula itself is straight forward. You give high value to your clients and you then receive financially in return. In its pure form, it is a perfect balance and a beautiful dance. You give value, you receive value.

The problems arise when you add your own issues to the mix.

Here are some of the common beliefs that throw the dance out of balance and cause you to land splat on your face.

• Maybe my services are not that good.
• People won't value what I am offering.
• It isn't right to charge money for this.
• I am uncomfortable asking for too high of a price.
• I feel poor and not comfortable selling to rich people.
• All my clients are struggling so I need to give them a break.
• People can't afford to pay for my services.

The list goes on but you get the idea. When you feel any of these ways, how can you give real value to anyone and how can you receive?

You are putting all your focus on your fear and and not on your client.
You don't feel worthy or expect to get paid a large amount.
You likely undercharge.
You keep wanting to lower your price so you feel ok.

If people even allude to not being able to afford it, you immediately lower the price or offer it for free.

From this place, people end up giving their services for free. They would rather be doing it for free than not at all, but then end up not having enough money to pay the rent. I call that, giving too much and for the wrong reasons. It just keeps you stuck in your disabled dance and limiting beliefs.

One of my clients, a massage therapist, felt like a failure because she had so few paying clients. She kept offering free massages to people, hoping they would come back and pay the next time. This process was doomed for failure. It ended up making her feel even worse.

However, there is a way to give, that is an essential part of a balanced dance. It is about planning your marketing strategy and giving a taste of your service. Next you have a clear process for closing sales.

A taste is different than the whole enchilada. At the supermarket they give wee little pieces of a cookie. It tastes great and if you want more so you end up buying the whole cookie, plus one for your hubby.

A massage therapist might offer 10 minute neck rubs in a busy office and then convert those people for a 60 minute paid massage. It requires a well thought out strategy of how to do this. Your freebie needs to be a part of your marketing plan.

As a rule of thumb, never offer a free taste of your service unless you have a paid version ready to go that is connected to it. The freebie needs to be a prelude to selling your product, whether it's a massage, a website design or coaching. It works for any kind of business.

1. Begin from a solid vision for your business.
2. Overcome your self-doubt.
3. Create a good marketing plan and strategy.
4. Follow through on your plan.
5. Give free samples of your service in bite size pieces.
6. Have a clear sales process.
7. Give the value you promised.
8. Expect to be paid well in return.

When you learn these eight steps, your business will transform and you will never again give without receiving. Perfect balance.

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