Have you heard of the “No Contact” rule that many people say you should follow following a break up? What is this rule and how can it help you heal after a break up or even win your ex back? That’s what we’re talking about today.

What is the No Contact rule?

It’s fairly simple really. Just don’t contact your ex. Fall off their radar and just go silent. The ideal amount of time to do this for is about 3 or 4 weeks. This gives you enough time to heal and put some distance between you and the break up.

What is the purpose of the No Contact rule?

Well, if you’ve been trying to reach out to your ex and patch things up or just talk about what happened, doing something like No Contact may seem like an absolutely insane idea. After all, how is not contacting your ex supposed to help you reach out to her?

Let me explain the theory behind the No Contact rule here.

First of all, not talking to your ex is important because it allows you the time to heal from the break up. Like it or not, you’re probably in a vulnerable state right now. Chances are good that your emotions are running high you may have even done a thing or two that you regret or you just plain know deep down isn’t for the best, like calling your ex several times a day, spying on her through Facebook, or begging and pleading for her to take you back.

Taking about 3 or 4 weeks away from her will give you the time to heal and get your head on straight so you don’t do anything like this around your ex.

No Contact is also good for you if you have the intention of getting her back. After about 3 or 4 weeks, she will be at the psychological peak of curiosity. She’ll wonder why you haven’t reached out to her. She’ll miss you and may even try to contact you around this time. If you’ve tried everything to get her to even answer your calls, this will seem like a godsend.

What do I do during this No Contact time?

When you’re doing this, you’ll want to keep yourself busy. The last thing you want is to spend several weeks feeling depressed and sad about your break up.

Instead spend this time working on yourself. Try to find a way to be happy with or without your relationship. Do things that make you happy and spend time with your friends and family. These things will help you realize that, even though you’ve lost something as important as your relationship, life still goes on and you can still find your own slice of happiness without needing someone else.

Even though the No Contact rule can get your ex to miss you or reach out to you, you shouldn’t use it for the sole purpose of getting this response from her. Ideally you want to do this because it is ultimately good for you and helps you rebuild your emotional state and recover from the pain of the break up.

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