People make use of affirmations for the positive effects it brings towards the one speaking it. Every word and thought can be considered affirmations. Affirmations are described by many as a short statement with a positive message. Affirmations have Biblical views in it. The affirmations found in the Bible are intended for people who are committed to walking the path of your life in accordance to God’s Word. These simple declarations are called prophetic affirmation. According to Barbara Slade, an author and speaker, the word prophetic is defined as “a divine message” and when you affirm yourself to this divine message you are speaking prophetic affirmations. The words that come out of your mouth is what God says about you. Prophetic affirmations immobilizes all the doubts you have concerning your life and most especially in God. It is not merely believing in yourself but recognizing who you are because of Christ inside of you. God affirmed all of us, but not everyone has discovered this yet, through putting within us a gift that will build ourselves. Not having the will of finding out the power of prophetic affirmation creates negative thinking and experience. One will not experience the results of speaking prophetic affirmations assuming that he or she does not understand its importance. There are plenty of reasons why speaking prophetic affirmations are important.

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