In recent times, Canada has become the preferred destination for many students as it has well merited reputation for excellence and if you can get a degree from one of the universities there then you can be rest assured of a bright future in the very competitive international job market. To give a boost to your credentials you can safely choose Canada as your study and work destination as it will definitely add weight to your Curriculum Vitae and eventually translate into a much more lucrative career. However it is not as easy as it sounds. There are several steps that you need to consider and take care of before you can land up in the country and pursue your chosen field of study. You must concentrate on setting up your health insurance for studying in Canada. Proper and systematic planning, patient and diligent research, and fast and thorough follow ups are absolutely necessary if you want to reach your dream destination.

More and more students are choosing Canada as it is a safe place for international students, having a friendly environment. The universities there are renowned and will provide you with internationally recognized certificates which will help you to shine brightly in the arena of international career. It also has much less tuition cost compared to other western countries and hence is more preferred. Work and study in Canada is therefore the dream of many aspiring talents as they can get valuable work experience while studying. This definitely adds more accolades in one’s resume, and helps in further research or studies, or even in direct job hunt. There are the provisions of sports and academic scholarships which are added bonus for many foreign undergraduate level students.

There is the added benefit for which it attracts more students; the country allows your relatives or dependants to visit the country along with you on a visit visa. They can also acquire a work permit and get a job while they are in the country which few foreign countries allow. If your children are over five years old they can not only accompany you but also get enlisted in a school which is of highest international standard, therefore giving you the unique opportunity to provide world class education to your kids while you work and study in Canada. One other great thing is that if you want to do a short course of some six months you do not even need to have a study permit to pursue the course in Canada. If however your course exceeds the six month period you will have to get a study permit. For acquiring a study permit you first need to get accepted by a Canadian university or institution. Keep in mind that each province has different systems regarding education.

You need to apply for admission after choosing the appropriate school for yourself. If you are accepted then you are required to carry your letter of acceptance from the Canadian institute to the local visa office to apply for a study permit. This permit is all important as it is your passport to work and study in Canada. The original letter of acceptance, your original identity proof, and proof indicating that you have sufficient funds to pay for your tuition, living expenses and return flight will be required from your end at the visa office.

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The author of this article, Jeo Nash is an online journalist. He is also the editor and webmaster for many websites and has done extensive research on the growing popularity of Work & Study in Canada phenomenon.