In the direct marketing world, of which I am a part of, there is a formula that sales writers adhere to. And it’s one that speakers can use as well.

It is called The 3 T's Speaking Formula! It is old advice, and yet, it's an excellent use of your talents and time and is quite effective in holding your audience’s attention. This formula holds up today. Because, well, human nature really doesn’t change.

Sure, thousands of years ago barbarians slaughtered their enemies, but at the end of the day, they still have the same wants, needs, desires and yes… the same insecurities that all of mankind has.

That said, The 3 T's are a great formula to use in preparing your presentation. And here they are in order of appearance:

1. Tell your audiences what you are going to tell them.
2. Tell them.
3. Tell them what you told them.

I use The 3 T's when I am giving a break out session. However, you can use it if you are going to give a motivational speech as well.

My colleagues and friend, Bob Bly, who is a splendid business speaker says at the beginning you should outline the points to your listeners that you are going to cover during your presentation.

The middle of your speech is where you give these points. Naturally, towards the end of your talk you sum up the points your had presented (and of which hopefully they learned)

The best part that in doing PowerPoint, your slides can mirror this outline. In Bob's Power-Point presentation the first slide (after the title slide), are his bulleted or numbered list of all the major points he is going to cover in the order to which he will give them.

Then right before the end of his speech, he uses the bulleted list once more to do a “wrap up” of his presentation.

Do the math and you can see that the 3t’s formula works quite well. Use it the right way, and it will show he nitpickers and anal retentive attendees in the room (Oh yes, they are there), that "See, I promised I would cover everything... and now I did. Go in peace!"

Try The 3 T’s formula. It's a proven technique and it helps you organize your presentation. Please let me know how it works for you.

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