Surely, you have already heard of conversational hypnosis. You are most likely interested about it which is precisely the reason why you are reading this article. However, like most things, you may have some apprehensions in regards to learning and applying this skill.

We are going to address your concerns and hopefully, we can ease up your worries, eventually.

There are obviously a lot of myths and misconceptions about conversational hypnosis. It is important that you can distinguish what is real and what isn’t so that you can be confident when it comes to deciding whether you should use it or not.

1. Is our ‘subject’ actually being hypnotized?

In the real sense of the word, the answer is NO. Milton Erickson, the man behind conversational hypnosis, believes that human beings are often, perhaps unknowingly, put in and out of a trance, as if it is a natural thing to happen to us. Therefore, conversational hypnosis is not about using a spin top or a pocket watch to put people in a trance; this technique is simply about mind conditioning, distraction, and confusion.

2. Since we basically manipulate our ‘subject,’ is this practice considered unethical?

While it is true that we sort of manipulate our subject, it is still considered an ethical practice. Take note that any form of conversation does include a manipulation of sorts, such as when you laugh, charm, and even seduce someone. This is basically a normal thing that all of us are guilty of. Being aware, being charismatic, and persuasive is not wrong per se, it is where and to whom you use it that can actually say if you are being ethical or not.

3. Does it work?

Of course! If it does not, then why is it so popular? There are many, many people who use conversational hypnosis for various reasons. Conversational hypnosis is among the most effective means of getting want you want, or controlling a desired outcome, even if you are a very shy person. You can become as persuasive as you want, depending on how well you can do conversational hypnosis.

In a nutshell, this kind of hypnosis technique certainly holds a very important place when it comes to being able to use to power of persuasion on others. Yes it does work, and yes you can most definitely use it to help you overcome your limitations and become a master when it comes to persuasion and influence.

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