The physical body is constantly undergoing change. The cells of the skin are constantly dying only to be renewed. It is not just the shape of the body or our skin that undergoes change, it is the organs, hair and nails - our physical appearance is constantly changing - naturally or unnaturally - if you observe the many different types of hair colour that are around.

However, in order for these natural changes to keep on happening and indeed for the physical body to stay alive it needs supplies from 3 specific sources of nourishment:

1. Food to digest
2. Air to Breath
3. Vitality to absorb and breath in the above

Without the vitality, the first 2 would be meaningless. This vitality is essentially a force of energy and it exists upon all the Planes of Existence. In the physical plane, this vitality is filtered through the etheric double and in more detail through the energy centers called the chakras or force centres. These centres can be clearly seen by clairvoyants as saucer-like depressions or vortices on the surface of the etheric double.

In the ?undeveloped' human they may appear to be only small circles barely more than a few inches in diameter, which only faintly glow. In a developed being, they would appear as vivid vortices of energy which are quite large and they may blaze like a mini sun. These wheels are perpetually rotating and into their hub flows the energy from the higher worlds, the life force issuing from the Solar Logos. The force from the Solar Logos is sevenfold in nature and all seven forms operate in each of the chakra centres. There are seven main chakras and the energy from the Solar Logos feeds them with Its vitality. The chakras roughly correspond to physical organs but they actually show themselves on the surface of the etheric double, so appear as though they extend beyond our physical bodies. However, they actually interpenetrate the physical body and their shape is not always as it appears to the human eye.

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Liz McCaughey is the founder of Kumara Meditation & Healing Centre in Perth, Western Australia. The centre offers deeper theosophical studies, meditation & healing, reiki, kabbalah and pranic healing. Since 2003 she has taught hundreds of people how to meditate from basic to advanced levels. Visit for more information.