Design uses applications of critical thinking to create a functional friendly design. A graphic artist uses techniques in advertising that produce pleasing messages which in turn get sales. The skills needed will allow the designer to foresee the problems and the identify with the reaction from viewers.

Graphic art is associated with commercial art and the applied arts are associated with industries. Applied arts include, the building of planes, bridges, architecture, manufacturing, and anything created to put it correctly.

The design of a website is the first stage of a professional site. Designers will lay out the pages in a structure designed for the images and content needed. They will write the content if needed and decide where on the pages to place text. Clients and designers works closely together to offer the viewer a functional user friendly site.

Designing a new floor plan for a house starts with the same processes. The factors of the families growth, overtime must be considered and the valuables and collectibles that grow over the years to come. Closet space will get smaller over time and the designer can compensate by leaving options for adding on to the home as needed. A designer will think ahead to assess the needs in your future.

An engineer uses the same processes starting with drawings and using mathematics, also science as factors. The amount of science used depends on the discipline of the project. There are two sciences natural and social science. Many think of only the production that comes from an engineer and not the designer in them.

A successful plan comes from the critical thinking skills and creativity of the designer. The execution process is the professional production of the design and this step is often turned over to the developer.

First, you need to sketch or draw your design. Next, you will create your design and last you will produce the design. When you want to create a logo for a web site, you need a brief of the plan you are going to design. Research your subject and get to know the competitions logos. After searching out your choices, you can create your design and get feedback from friends, family, or strangers.

Designing a ad for your business takes techniques proving to get results. They only work when designed for the target group your advertisement will reach. The demographics for the age group and income will reveal to you the images and text needed to reach them. You hope to get their attention and keep it for four to five seconds. This is a good sign to keep them that long.

You must design advertisements with only enough information to give the viewer the encouragement to want more. You should try one of three methods with your advertisement to grab attention. Try to be random, to the point, or simple vague. Whatever you are designing, a wedding, a house makeover, a power source, a website, or artwork you will use all the same steps to achieve you goals.

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