Ah… the first wedding anniversary is always something newly weds look forward to. They not only look forward to it but have a count down for it by celebrating their “monthsary”. The first year of marriage is still considered as the honeymoon stage. The couple is still very idealistic and very romantically centered. They are still head over heels in love and can’t get enough of each. That’s why, the newly wed couple do extra effort for their first wedding anniversary. They go to extra length to have a perfectly romantic and unforgettable first wedding anniversary celebration. It is always wise to savor this moment because when things go rough someday and when the complications of marriage life sets-in, they will always have this moment where nothing else matters but the two of them.

Having a memorable first wedding anniversary can serve as foundation for a stronger marriage, if someday, when things get shaky and unstable, both people can always look back and rekindle and say that indeed they have something worth fighting for. Not only that, first wedding anniversary are truly worth celebrating because it means the couple has passed through the first year of adjustment of living together as husband and wife. Since the first wedding anniversary can be very sentimental and the traditional wedding gift is paper- giving each other romantic poems fits just right. Giving each other poems is also practical; the only requirement is to let your creative juice flow.

Another, suggestion can be a scrapbook which includes pictures and memorabilia from the time you first met until your first year together as husband and wife. Be sure to add up some romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant with personalized serenade from an entertainer can make every first wedding anniversary dreamy. Another suggestion is to surprise your wife with a portrait of her best image or your family with a heart-melting dedication. Since women in general becomes conscious of the way they look as they age, having a portrait of her most in love state is very ideal. Another extraordinary gift is when your husband or wife is an avid magazine reader, giving him or her a one year if not a lifetime subscription of his or her favorite magazine.

One sure way gift to make your wife jump for joy is a year of free pampering in a spa or a salon. One more unique idea is a ticket to a concerto or a play that your spouse is crazy about and be sure it’s the box seat to make it more remarkable and extra special moment. Another great first anniversary gift is a post card of your spouses’ favorite place and just in time for the day to end surprise your spouse by putting an envelope containing a plane ticket for both of you to that place in the postcard you gave your spouse- a second honeymoon for the two of you.

This gift for your first wedding anniversary will surely last a lifetime.

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