The Harmony of One

Nine days of sacred sound and not a word to say. I have found my voice and lost it at the same time. While I have no way of conveying the depth and magic of the experience, there are stories to tell. It is my fervent wish that through the use of my "voice" here on the page, others may find ways to connect with that sacred voice within their own hearts.

To clarify, I have recently attended the Sound Healing Intensive given by Jonathan Goldman in Colorado. It was 9 days of using sound to shift frequency and vibration both personally and for the planet. To say that there were shifts is vastly understating the case.

On the very first day, as I walked out of the conference center, I saw a small green hummingbird in front of me. It was an invitation from Spirit, and a doorway opened then and there. Hummingbird has been a herald for me this year - a sign of new beginnings. The lessons from spirit began right away.

The chant that first evening was to honor Saraswati, the Hindu Goddess of Wisdom and Music. This chant was to set the stage, "to establish a strong sonic field for raising the vibratory level of those wishing to work with sound as a transformational tool." (Jonathan Goldman). We did probably an hour of chanting followed by a long period of silence to integrate the sound. I could feel the energy of this Goddess come in, and then I felt myself dissolve into the other voices in the room. No edges.

Then my mind jumped in, as it usually does in these situations. Both of the people next to me were chanting very loudly, and I felt myself trying to match them in volume. My throat was straining and I was way to much in my thinking monkey mind.

From behind me I heard a male voice. He was chanting very softly, but I could hear him perfectly out of all of the voices around me. He was singing only for the Goddess, and no one else. Just lending his voice in the purest way he could. I knew in my heart that this was the Sacred Masculine chanting for the Sacred Feminine, with no other agenda but to speak to Her and to love Her. I joined my voice with his at this moment, chanting softly and clearly for Saraswati who was all around us once again.

From this magical being who softly chanted his own heart, I learned a valuable lesson about chanting in a group. It is not about making yourself heard above the rest, it is about blending your voice and your medicine to create One Song. Creating one sound for the harmony of all. As we left the room, I passed this young man and bowed to him. He just smiled back at me, no words exchanged.

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Jean is a teacher, healer, speaker, ceremonialist and internet business owner. She uses her training in shamanism, reiki, crystal and sound healing as the basis for a teaching and healing practice. She has 12 years of training and experience in Peruvian shamanism, reiki and crystals healing. Her website is