Many people for centuries now have been taking advantages of the term "networking" to get a job. However did you know that the power of networking can be multiplied by ten folds? Social media websites have shifted peoples views on job hunts. Recently, more people have grown aware of the potential of these sites to increase the possibility of a job seeker to get hold a job. But as a modern man, have you ever acknowledge the importance of social media networking on your job hunt?

As a result of the emergence of the Internet, job hunting has been completely revolutionized. In fact, it is quite unbearable to dismiss this rising trend. As a job seeker, you should be flexible and be creative as much as you can. To increase your edge over your competitors, you must take advantages of social media sites ahead of your rivals. Nevertheless, what are social networking sites and how do they work?

Social networking sites are websites that use social networking platforms to draw in online users. When you say social networking, it refers to the interaction or communication between people within particular groups such as friends, family, workmates and classmates. Thus, in a social media site, people share information to each other either in personal or professional level, or both. With this definition alone, Twitter itself is not proclaiming to be a social networking site. But still, the site is highly recommended for building up your network. So, how can you effectively gain from these sites?

· Personal Branding – honestly, these sites strengthen your personal brand. You might know by now that personal branding is very important in a job hunt. However, it is not a new phenomenon. From the day you are born, you are already branding and marketing yourself. As a social being, it is natural to live your life based on other people’s view on you. Even if you do not admit it, you are living your life to the expectation of others.

· Profile Pitching – technically speaking, your profile on your social media accounts is your elevator pitch. It should be able to make a lasting impression of you in only ten seconds. Your opportunity on social media rests in you. What you stand for will determine what opportunity will be available for you.

· Update Your Profile Picture – as people say, photos speak a thousand words. You do not want your prospective employer to see your weird side. To capture people’s attention to a greater extent, upload a photo with you smiling in it. Smile using your eyes and your lips. This is regarded a true smile. Also, check that the photo is up to date. As you may have notice, your profiles in your social media accounts act the same way as your CV.

· Create a Positive Image – in social media sites, you can easily fall and ruin your reputation. The articles you submitted, the comments you posted and the pictures you uploaded will determine who you are. They will influence the image you want to give out either in a positive or negative way. Thus, start your messages with a statement that will help in distinguishing who you are. If you can, include your passions and ambitions in them.

Basically, you can use social media websites such Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as your online business cards. This way you can expand your online presence.

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