Success in business requires pretty much the same mindset you need for success in life. The key to success we are talking about here is establishing a peace of mind. Our ability to attain such a state of mental bliss results from a lack of guilt, envy, selfishness or greed.

Unfortunately our laser targeted focus for business success often times 'taints' our morals and better judgment. As a result this mental state of nirvana is more difficult to maintain once we submerge ourselves into the business world. The irony is our professional success is usually dependent upon our own personal productivity which in turn is enhanced by our peace of mind. So in reality our sometimes overly aggressive and 'blind' ambitions to succeed in business inhibit our own ability to actually excel. Hmmm.

Here are 5 examples how maintaining a peace of mind by actually 'walking the walk' and doing the right thing can help you succeed in your journey for business success.

Maintaining Gratitude

Focusing on what you have as opposed to what you want will make a big difference in your outlook and in the way people perceive you. Heck you may even end up feeling happy all the time which could lead to a more productive you. That wouldn't be all that bad now would it?

Drop the Envy

Be competitive is one thing but being envious is quite another. The green eyed monster will make you constantly miserable and oblivious to all the good things that are part of your life. Strive to be the best person you can be and not to be like someone else.

Lighten Up

Hey stuff happens so expect that and learn to take it in stride. Learn from the things that don't go your way and relish those things that do. It will be easier on your own health and will make you more enjoyable to be around or to associate with.

Give and You Shall Get

In work as in life it is always better to give then to receive. You know that warm and fuzzy feeling don't you? In fact the more you live this principal the more you will come to find that you will attract like minded people. The result will be that these people will 'give' back to you in return for your own demonstrated generosity. This goes for kind gestures or value you may have shared personally or professionally.

Attitude Determines Altitude

The right attitude will not only make you feel better about yourself and life but will also be evident to the people you work and live with. The right attitude can attract people while a bad attitude can just as easily repel them.

Success in business and success in life are goals that most everybody aspires to achieve. Curiously enough however is that the key to success in any endeavor is actually maintaining a peace of mind. This is the mindset we experience when all is good and our conscience is clear of any guilt, greed, aggression, or selfishness. Ironically our tunnel like vision that focuses on the achievement of professional success sometimes 'corrupts' our ability to maintain this coveted mindset. As a result our own personal productivity is diminished thereby making our professional goals more difficult to achieve. As you can see in the 5 examples we reviewed above by living right we can maintain this peaceful state and more easily attain our goals. Everybody wins!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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