Creativity… For me, it is blissful to witness a world that is evolving to recognize the power of our creative being. Like magic dust finding its way into all nooks and crannies, those who were once considered 'ordinary mortals' are now experiencing moments, discoveries and creations that leave them breathless saying, "YES! YES!... but wait a sec, where'd that come from?"

We all know the stories of 'elite' genius minds, artists and writers, and their ability to be in a space where brilliant thoughts, ideas, inventions, answers, artwork and stories 'come to them.' When asked how these creators got the idea, they often answer, "I don't know." or "From God." or "From spirit."
We've heard the stories of Da Vinci and Einstein and we've commented in awe, "Gifted."

As we move from the Age of Information to the Age of Conceptualization and Creativity, more and more research, resources and stories are appearing that give credit and value to the creative being in each of us. Yes, we are all gifted. We simply need to find our best way to access our brilliance.

That access can be through creative thought, making art, writing, storytelling, dancing, yoga, playing, using our imagination, singing, visualizing, taking meditative journeys, and (this may come as a surprise to you) extreme sports. No matter what path you take, you open the door to the intuitive, wise, gifted and magical self. Yes, magical. With 'magical' meaning "discoveries that make the impossible possible."

And so, finally.. FINALLY.. the word 'creativity' gets to take on its full meaning. And soon, when people see the word "creativity' their first response will no longer be "I haven't got a creative bone in my body." Last I heard we all have a right brain. The more creativity is given its value, the more people will realize "Hey, I AM creative… and I want some of my own aha moments!"

Simply by reading this and pondering the concept, you have opened a door of awareness and possibility. You might not even notice as old belief systems that have limited you start to melt away. By reading this, you have taken a step in pursuit of your unlimited potential.
That was easy enough, wasn't it? Yes, it's all so much simpler than people think.

And the next step is beautifully simple: Go play. Play with paint, hula hoop, belt out a song while you do the dishes, remember what you passionately loved to do as a kid and bring some of that back into your life now. Give yourself permission to do anything that engages your creative right side of the brain. After all, there is value in discovering your own genius, your own aha moments, and your own magic, isn't there?

Author's Bio: 

Janet L. Whitehead is a certified life coach and creativity consultant operating Musings and Mud Coaching Studio which encompasses coaching and creative thinking. Janet's expertise is in the 'whole brain' approach. She understands that we are all powerful beings - and we can access our unlimited potential by being open to using our right side of the brain and helping the left side to support us.
It is through her art and written works that Janet gets many of her answers... but her real talent lies in helping others best access their potential whether it be through creative thinking, insightful conversations, arts, visualization,writing,and inspired actions. Janet's own intuitive abilities help others to discover their intuitive gifts. "Magical" is a term often used to describe the coaching process.