Add appreciation and gratitude to your every day.

Enhance the world around you with your smile.

Smiling creates endorphins which send feel good messages to the brain.

It's healing to you and those who receive it.

Subtract any grudges you've been holding on to.

For they reside within you.

The only person you hurt is yourself.

Learn to let go.

Time exists in the present.

What is done is in the past.

It's history.

Take away what's good in life.

Nourish it, so it increases and expands.

Come from inspiration, not from memory.

What will be depends on what you think about and act on now.

So discard negative thinking.

It's energy, and like all energy, it's creative.

Why waste the brilliant opportunity of thought?

Demonstrating a positive attitude gives others permission to do the same.

Willingness is all it takes.

Share your time, experience, knowledge, passion and joy with others.

You can add so much to someone's life.

The result of your giving will have a rippling effect multiplying your good out into the world.

Give from the heart without agenda to receive the benefits pure energy returns.

Expand your willingness to experience new things and court opportunity.

Nothing great happens without stretching yourself.

Live life as a curious observer rather than a critic or judge.

It is in the judgments that we become divided.

We become fragmented, and separate.

So take away the blinders that have held you back in the past.

Thought, words and actions are the most important equation of life.

Use them wisely to yield positive returns.

Author's Bio: 

As a highly sought after Spiritual Life Coach, Mind/Body Cleansing Coach, Hara lectures coast to coast on the importance of whole body cleansing, diet, detox and transforming old unproductive patterns.

Hara has trained with some of todays' top Holistic Doctors and Spiritual Teachers to learn the latest therapies and treatments available to cure the body of illness and the mind of limitation.

In 2003, Hara founded Get Centered, a wellness center located in NYC offering the latest tools for life enhancement. Get Centered has been featured in many publications including Harper's Bazaar, In-Style and Quest Magazine. Hara has been interviewed on "Trend Watch", Vogue Magazines nationally syndicated tv segment, Good News Broadcast and German TV Morning Show for her innovative services. Go to to receive everyday wellness tips in her FREE eNewsletter.