A lack of duplication in teams is a huge problem in many MLMs these days. What is the secret that the top earners don't share with the masses? Why are there so many people struggling to make any sales and the top earners continue to grow at an exponential rate?

While some top earners don't actually realize they are doing it, they are implimenting a simple MLM secret. There is one MLM secret that can be found as an ingredient in practically every success story. What is this one MLM secret? You.

You might have heard of the idea of marketing yourself instead of your company, this is Attraction Marketing. There is a reason it has become so popular these days, it actually works. This is basically taking the regular model of MLM success and turning it upside down.

Think about this: how come the more successful people are, the more successful they become? Because people want to work with someone who can actually help them be successful. People are far more likely to sign up with the busy, successful, happy person who is obviously on a path than someone just beginning who talks about how great the business is, but hasn't reached any success. So how can you market yourself if you haven't yet achieved success?

It's very easy (and never, ever 'fake it till you make it'). You need to increase your value now so that you have something to offer others. Why are people attracted to work with successful people? Because they are experienced, and can show them the way. You must understand that often while people are fantastic at getting to success, but don't really want their team to be competing with them by doing EXACTLY what they did. If you haven't yet experienced success, you simply have to gain knowledge about success.

Start Learning.

Learning is probably the most important component for success in all areas of life, but that's a different topic. You need to learn everything you can about MLM success. To begin you need to make sure you truly understand this MLM secret and how attraction marketing works. How to market, specifically, on Titter, Article Marketing, Google PPC, Facebook, Blogs, LinkedIn, etc. You can't possibly implement all the strategies you will learn about, but you need to be able to assist your team in creating their own marketing strategy and at least know the basics. You need to learn about leadership and having a success mindset. You need to know how to prospect effectively and move people towards a yes. With every piece of knowledge you gain you become more and more valuable to a prospect. The greatest thing lacking in MLM today is decent training. Most leaders got lucky at the start, but don't have a clear idea how they reached their first success, and after they reached some success they simply branded themselves. They don't know how to train their team to market their businesses. If you can provide decent training, you not only will be attractive to others and start growing a big business, you will also create successful people on your team and grow a huge residual income.

Express your value.

This is the easiest part. You want to show, not tell. How do those successful people demonstrate their value? Often with picture, income claims, and proof that they have achieved success. True pictures are persuasive, but knowledge is power. To demonstrate knowledge you must share it freely. When you show people the value you can give them without asking for a cent, they will beg to join your company. They are hungry for success and will realize that you are someone who can show them the way.

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