The New Age paradigm shift we’ve all been waiting for is already here. It is in the birthing process while the old paradigm is in the death process. Many call this the end times, or the end of the world, but I call it the new times, the new beginning. As the old ends, the new begins. Those who are already awake to these changes will be there to help others when they are ready to listen.

It will get worse before it gets better because humans are slow to wake up and unite. However, these adversities will drive us together. We can assert our will for a beautiful future through our conscious intentions as a species, en masse. We greatly outnumber those who would like to send humanity into a dark future.

The dark forces who run this planet want to keep humanity in oppression and stay in charge of the world as they have been for millennia. However, they are the minority in the mass consciousness, and it is time to move on from the old paradigm and explore human reality without limitation. Dark forces want to keep humans unconscious. Humanity could have created a Utopian reality, and now it is time to shed the oppression that has prevented that.

Both dark and the light forces are here to influence humanity in its choice for the future. They’re not allowed to choose for us, but they are allowed to influence us while honoring freewill. It is up to us which energy we listen to. We choose love or we choose fear. This determines the fate of the human species.

Little do the dark forces know the gig is up. They think they have it all figured out with a foolproof plan, but there are a few surprises in store for them that they don’t know about yet. They will cease to exist because humanity will choose a beautiful future as a mass consciousness once everyone realizes they have a choice.

One of these surprises is how fast humanity will unite at the 11th hour and assert its own will rather than theirs. They also don’t know that 50% of their own will defect at the 11th hour. Their hearts will suddenly awaken and they will not be able to commit the crimes against humanity that are planned.

Even now, there are members in these secret societies who don’t want to be there because they don’t agree with the path being set for humanity. They cannot get out without life threatening consequences, so they stay, but at the 11th hour they will help humanity by undoing the dark plans.

Only 1% of the people, who are running the planet right now, want a dark future for humanity. They want to put humanity through a depopulation process and they want to re-emerge from underground bunkers with their power over the remaining population intact.

On the other hand, 99% of humanity wants a good future. The war between dark and light is already won. All that has to happen is that the 99% become conscious they have a choice for a new paradigm and how to do it. The sooner we can put in the vote for a positive future rather than darkness, the sooner things will change for the better. That also means less fear on the planet for dark forces to work with. They need the fear to exist in all individuals in order to keep humanity asleep.

Paradigms Are Built To Fight Change
Paradigms are built to fight change. It is in the natural order of the universe. Once a pattern sets up in the physical universe, it “solidifies” literally. It is important for a pattern to hold itself together and it is built to do that from within itself. It takes energy to shift a pattern into something else if it has set itself solidly in place.
As a paradigm dismantles, it fights change at first because it is built to hold itself together. Eventually it gives way and resists change no more once it passes a certain point of dismantling. It then becomes the raw creation material of the universe again and gives itself to the new patterning that consciousness wants to manifest.

The nature of the old paradigm fighting change is why there is chaos in the world. For instance, the economy crashing is purposely orchestrated by those who are part of the old paradigm fighting change. It is done in order to create fear in the masses and keep their spirits down. Fear is the juice for the dark engine. It is exactly what we shouldn’t give even as we are faced with challenging situations. We are in for a bit of a rough ride as this death and rebirth between the old and new, dark and light, evil and goodness, is played out.

Law Of Attraction Skills: This Is The Ultimate Test For Mass Consciousness
The good thing is that it is up to us to choose what we want. We don’t have to participate in the planned Armageddon, planned depopulation, or the resistance to the new paradigm. We can choose something different. We can have what we want instead of what others want for us. If only 51% of us vote for a peaceful reality in the future, we will get it. It’s the law of the universe that even dark forces cannot change.

It is the ultimate test of our ability to use the Law of Attraction to our advantage. Forget about the car you want, getting money (which is going away shortly anyway), or having the perfect material life. This era is not about that and we have much bigger things to deal with now. There is a huge historical event about to happen in our very near future, and it is time to pay attention to it now. Forget the 5 or 10 year plan. Be here in this moment where it really counts and use your abilities in the law of attraction for the benefit of humanity. Your life continuing on Earth literally depends on whether or not a larger percentage of the human population votes for love, not fear.

Open up to what is happening and what your particular role in this historical mass event is. You are meant to play an important role if you are right now learning about the true nature of what is underneath reality. You are learning about what consciousness can do and the power of intention. You are the ones who will be the teachers to those around you when the masses begin to awaken.

Consciousness of the masses is a powerful force. No matter how well laid out the plans are of the 1% who are part of the old paradigm fighting change, their plans will be dismantled if the masses choose something different. It is a natural law of the universe that cannot be changed, and they know it. That is why they don’t want you to find out about this simple fact. Going into fear, despair and suffering is what the dark forces need in order to get your vote on their side. Some unconscious people will give in, of course, but you don’t have to. If you are fearless, you have voted for something different.

We won’t be able to create a different future by force. We don’t have big enough guns to defeat those who control the governments and armies. Don’t protest in the streets or you might find yourself in a terrible situation. Forget about outward expressions of what you don’t want. It is a decision made within you. We won’t be able to do it by politics, either, because an enlightened person simply cannot make it up the ranks of government, since it is a tightly knit secret club that no outsiders can get into. If they do and try to change things, they are assassinated.

No one will save you but yourself. By saving yourself with your choice of love, and influencing those around you to choose as well, you will save humanity’s future. It is within us and it is simple and easy. In fact, it leads to instant enlightenment. The veils are wide open right now for all who wish to awaken. Even the most ordinary person can walk through the veils into full self awareness that used to take years to attain. This is a special time for humans who want to awaken and it has been made easy if that is what they truly want. Instant enlightenment was never available before like it is now.

Your Turn To Vote For The Future
We can undo what the dark forces on this planet have planned for us. We undo it by making a conscious choice in our hearts to be on the positive pole, have compassion for others, and have humanity’s well being in mind. All that we have to do is make a conscious choice to have goodness manifest on the Earth rather than evil. Whoever gets the most votes wins. The powers that be are waiting to see what our vote is as the group soul of humanity. The vote is cast by which energy you decide to align with, fear or love, even as things happen around you to instigate fear rather than love.

We can go into fear, despair, sadness, and negativity and there will be plenty of mass events to support these feelings, purposely constructed by those who want a dark future for humanity. The other choice is love, kindness, compassion and positive energy, even in the face of the possible ending of your life. If you have no fear of death itself, you have awakened and realized yourself as eternal consciousness that cannot be harmed by any experience, not even death. This is enlightenment.

Whatever we choose as a species, that’s what we get. It is within our power to bring something beautiful into being for humanity, and let it happen. We must remain fearless in the face of the old paradigm struggling to keep control. The only way to finally release all fear is to release the fear of death itself. That is the primal fear in every one of us. This is a spiritual evolution transition for humanity into a whole new awareness.

There is a massive amount of help and technology that can prevent cataclysmic disasters, deactivate nuclear missiles, and heal all diseases. There are ETs and spirit beings from other dimensions who can literally take the bad guys off this planet, out of the nearby dimensions, and put them somewhere else while we continue our path in peace, but only if humanity chooses that on the mass level. Maybe it’s the other way around where they stay here and we get another Earth to work with. We don’t know yet. They are standing by and waiting to see what our vote is.

Perhaps December 21, 2012 is when the vote is counted and then manifested. The Earth will be divided into two realities, one for the dark forces who want their path, and one for those of us who are ready to move on from that limiting reality. Both sides of duality might get what they want after all and have a chance to play out their future to see where it goes.

God consciousness is not afraid of either choice, and in fact both are interesting to consciousness to explore. What happens if we choose this or that? It wouldn’t be out of character for consciousness to explore both, since it cannot be harmed by any experience. To Godself, this is all just dreaming, imagination, and isn’t real. It is just the meanderings of consciousness and Godself is probably curious to see where both paths lead in the future. You can choose which one you want to be in.

What You Can Do Now To Manifest The New Paradigm
In your daily life, give your heart to the cause for few moments each day. Envision a beautiful future for humanity in its transformed state of higher consciousness. Give your heart light to all in the world who are finding out now that they have to make a conscious decision to choose which future they want for themselves and humanity. Envision that every person in the world has been given a clear understanding of this choice they must make. See the awareness of the world’s population lighting up everywhere, like a wildfire of enlightenment spreading across the planet in every culture, society and every human. See humanity choosing a beautiful path, en masse, and the dark forces being outnumbered and dismantled from within.

Don’t forget to include sending heart energy to the humans who have chosen the dark path. See their hearts awakening and their conscience coming back into being. See them being unable to commit crimes against humanity because they realize that it is all one self and they cannot harm themselves. There are many who aren’t so dark as they seem and they would have a change of heart if they had more support. Perhaps they are meant to be there for a reason, infiltrating the ranks of the dark forces so they can help at the 11th hour. Any way that it happens, see their hearts awakening too. Many of them remain enmeshed because it is the only way they know of to save themselves and their families because they are aware of the mass murder of the population that is planned.

You have the power to change the world. Choose yourself to be the one who changes the parts of the universe you can reach. Ripples move outward from the one person, and you might be surprised that you can influence thousands and thousands of people without even knowing it. You tell one person, that person tells 10 people, and those 10 people tell 10 people, and next thing you know there are thousands of people who have been affected by you. Your power to change the world and humanity’s future is greater than you think.

Time to accept your mission of love and get to work! This is what you came here for. Every soul who has ever been involved with the Earth plane is here now to be part of the big showdown. It is time for each of us to play our part. This mass event that is coming in the near future is more important than you think and your part is a crucial necessity if there is to be a beneficial outcome for humanity. The New Paradigm is here. All we have to do is accept it into our reality and miracles will happen.

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