Thoughts are powerful. Your thoughts are powerful. Thoughts are creative. Your thoughts are creative. You create with your thoughts whether you understand that you do or not. Understand your power of thinking and you will create whatever experiences in life that you want. Yes, your thoughts are that powerful!

They are powerful and creative to the extent of their energetic power. While thought is created through consciousness, it is energized by divine essence. So your thoughts have a creative capacity to the degree of your present ability to flow the life force energy of divine essence, the power of universal, cosmic energy. So how can you increase the creative life force energy flowing through you and empowering your thoughts?

It is the life force energy in your thoughts that make them creative and dynamic. It is a matter of energy, of intensity of focus and purpose, fuelled by your emotions. You experience your emotions through your feelings, and in a positive way, with your enthusiasm, entheos, meaning dynamic Universal Life Force energy.

Your application of life force energy is measured by your personal power to affect your reality. You know what this personal power feels like in your own experience. Have you ever been with someone whose presence was vibrant and engaging? One of the hallmarks of such an energized person is their self confidence; their belief in themselves. Self confidence is a characteristic of an energized and powerful person. The life force in their thoughts equates with the power of their thoughts to create change and to manifest specific, desired experience.

So work on developing your personal power. This takes discipline and constant effort. Some may not want to develop their power because they fear misusing it and being ego-driven. This is a misunderstanding of personal power and deep self appreciation, or self love. Self love is not ego driven; in fact egoic love can be self destructive. True and powerful self love, self confidence and self esteem recognize, trust and act under the inspiration of the flow of very high life force energy. This high energy seeks the greater good of all. It fills the heart with joy and confidence. It is creative and attracts love, abundance and is essential to success.

Watch your thinking. If you notice any negative thoughts filtering in, place them gently into your mental trash can. Then refocus on some positive, joyful, happy thought. Happiness is love, and love is power. These are what we all strive to attain. And here I am offering you a shortcut to happiness, love and power in your own life.

Your thoughts are creative and powerful. They create negative outcomes if the thinking is negative and positive outcomes if the thinking is positive. Control your thinking and you control your experience. Control your experience and life will hand you happiness and love, prosperity and joy. What more could you ask for? Think about that.

Every successful person owes much to their life coach. If you are serious about taking control of your thinking, then finding the life coach with whom you resonate is essential. Your life coach can direct you to be more of who you can be, and from that grander identity, your thoughts will take on vaster dimensions. If you want a big life then become the person you were born to be. Life coaching will assist you on your fantastic journey.

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