All of life, matter, thoughts, and words are constantly vibrating at a specific frequency. Everything in the universe ranges from the lowest to the highest frequency, and Dr. Masaru Emoto has discovered that water is responsive to these frequencies on a physical level.

Dr. Masaru Emoto is a Japanese researcher who has pioneered astonishing discoveries about water. Through years of experimentation, Emoto found that water changes its molecular shape when exposed to different words, sounds, and even things. Considering that water is a fundamental necessity to all life forms, it makes up 75% of our bodies and half of Earth, we may be affecting a lot more than the naked eye shows us.

Using a very powerful microscope we can see that the crystals formed in water that is frozen literally changes when specific, concentrated thoughts or things are directed towards them. Emoto experimented with a countless number of words, phrases, pictures, sounds, even water simply from different locations. He found that water from a clear spring or water exposed to words associated with gratitude such as "I Love You," or "Thank You" shows brilliant, complex, and colorful patterns similar to snowflakes. In contrast, polluted water, or water exposed to negative words like "You Fool" or "Satan" form incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colors. Water exposed to a picture of a flower or a picture of a dolphin show results similar to patterns formed from “I Love You” and “Thank you.” Dr. Emoto even tried exposing water to a mobile telephone and a microwave and found that they cause water to form similarly to the water exposed to “Satan” or “I Hate You.” This suggests that negative thoughts are not a part of nature and were developed by society, just as microwaves and mobile telephones were.

Essentially, this research suggests that thoughts and feelings are affecting the physical world. Human beings are vibrating at a frequency of 570 trillion times per second, so the more gratitude, love and appreciation we feel, the more we create that frequency. The implication of this brings a whole new approach to how we can positively impact Earth and our life. The power of positive thoughts can take on a whole new meaning, so be sure that you are always thinking positive, successful thoughts!

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