Knowing how to use the Law of Attraction can change your life. It takes a certain mindset to work with Law of Attraction practice. It’s simple but it isn’t easy and if you commit to practice, the Law of Attraction isn’t hard to master.
The following, Law of Attraction Practice Step, will help you harness the Law of Attraction and immediately start magnetizing the things you desire to you now.

Obviously, to use and practice the Law of Attraction, you have to know what you want. Most people spend all of their time focusing on what they don’t want and barely any time focusing on what they do want. Let me help you figure out what you want and then start attracting it.

Imagine you have everything you desire. You have all the money you want, you’re in perfect health, you have amazing friends and family surrounding and supporting you, you are excited about your life. Really take the time to imagine it.

If you are having trouble jumping right into this, try picturing the ideal day from start to finish. See yourself waking up and then experience parts of your day as if you are watching yourself in a movie. Use all of your senses…what do you see, hear, taste and touch?

As you are watching this movie of yourself in your ideal day, keep getting closer to the movie (as if you are walking up to the screen) and when you are right up next to it, step into it. How do you feel? What sensations are running through your body? Look around you at this amazing life and say, ‘Thank you!’ over and over again until you are resonating with gratitude.

This daily Law of Attraction Practice Step is a trick I use to immediately start magnetizing the things I want to me. If you do this exercise consistently, the Law of Attraction will start to work for you and you will automatically start to magnetize these things to you. Any of the other Law of Attraction Practice Steps I’ll teach you will be much more powerful and effective when you start with this step.

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