You probably already know what a VR, aka, 360-degree video is, but to ensure everyone is on the same page, let’s go over the basics quickly. Virtual Reality allows you to interact with a 3D environment within the video.

So instead of just watching a screen from a single angle, depending on how a regular camera captures it, you can enjoy a video recorded by a special 360-degree camera. This brings out a whole new world of immersion; you can control the camera's angle and direction to watch the video from any perspective you like.

T.H.I.$ is a podcast series containing VR-based video podcasts allowing you to stay engaged throughout the discussion with highly immersive content. Read on to know more.

Watching a Regular Video Can Get Boring – T.H.I.$ is the Future:

360-degree videography was mainly limited to games and short videos, but S.K Thompson, the man behind Get Syncronyzed, took it a step further. He’s using it to record fully interactive podcasts. A typical podcast can range from 20 minutes to an hour, but it is not possible for an individual to be attentive throughout.

Our brain quickly drifts away from the discussion if we’re not actively engaged in it. And since we’re not fully invested in a regular podcast, whether audio or video, we can lose the gems, the golden nuggets that it aims to provide about a particular topic. S.K Thompson recognized this loophole and patched it up with T.H.I.$ - the first-ever fully-interactive podcast that’s more than just a podcast.

It allows the user to stay engaged using digitally integrated graphics containing different content forms, including games, quizzes, valuable facts, and more. These are the things that are not going to distract the user from the discussion of the podcast and ensure they absorb every knowledge bomb dropped by S.K and his guest like a sponge.

What’s more interesting is those who get the correct answers to quizzes in the podcast receive cash rewards. The first podcast is out already; hundreds more to come - check it out here and experience the future through a whole new lens.

S.K Thompson – The Polymath Behind T.H.I.$:

The man, the perspective changer – S.K Thompson is the visionary behind T.H.I.$. Someone once said adversity breeds greatness – S.K experienced this first hand. He was locked up for murder with a lawyer who was not so optimistic. Yet, S.K beat the odds and proved his innocence despite being confined in one of the county's meanest jails for almost two years. You can read all about his life here.

S.K had many epiphanies during his time in prison; he did a lot of self-reflection, studied TONs of religious and philosophical scriptures, and several self-help books. By the time he was acquitted – S.K was ready to share his wisdom and life experiences with the world, leading to the creating of T.H.I.$.

The man is a polymath and talks about all aspects of life in his podcasts ranging from travel, storytelling, car enthusiasm, stocks, self-help, spirituality, mental health, entrepreneurship, and much more. He also invites people with something meaningful to share in his podcasts so his audience can gain multiple valuable insights into different areas of life. Make sure to check out the first podcast, it’s available on his YouTube Channel.

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