Buying a used car is often hailed as a prudent move these days as the second-hand car market in India has metamorphosed into a trustworthy place with adequate transparency. The automobile experts, dealers with assistance from online sites have all converged at a point where the different aspects of buying a used car can be easily understood without much frills. As every stakeholder in the market attempts to showcase and reveal the intrinsic details, finally it comes down to the customer who gains all those bouquets of advantages. It does not just suffice in deciding to buy a used car and making a purchase, as there are minute details that need to be analysed in prior to avoid getting into the mind-set of buyer remorse later. Let’s have a look on the 5 things to check when buying a used car.
Documents Verification
Never rush through the process and persuade yourself in taking the necessary time to check the documents thoroughly. If you have friends who have better understanding or firm grip on the niceties of motor vehicle documents, do not hesitate to seek assistance from them. A careful scrutiny of the documents would unveil particulars about whether the car was involved in any form of accident or not, as there would be relevant claims specified in it. A smart way to check this is to view the no claim bonus (NCB) percentage that has been applied. If the NCB is higher, it is better. Assess clearly whether the engine number and chassis number exactly match with the number in the registration document before purchasing the used car.
Mechanic’s Assessment
You would do well to take along a trusted mechanic to examine the condition of the used car dealer Delhi in detail. Most of the aspects that might have easily slipped our eyes are smartly noticed by the mechanic in few minutes. The condition of the car plays a significant role in negotiating over the price of the vehicle. The filters of the car – air, fuel, transmission and oil need to be completely checked and has to be replaced if deemed necessary. They require regular cleaning and oiling to maintain working condition and delivery of good performance. Failure of maintenance can severely impact the car’s efficiency and it is a yardstick to interpret the extent of maintenance of the car.
Brakes & Tyres
These two are definitely pivotal for the passengers’ safety and the potential customer of a used car has to focus more on it. Proceed with checking the efficiency of the brakes and it is better determined by driving the car at a speed of 40 – 50 kmph in a zone where there is minimal or no traffic. Ensure there is not any vibration, even the slightest or any peculiar and squealing noise produced from the brake pedal. Brakes that are in pulsating condition require immediate attention and need to have the rotors replaced. Scrutinize all the four tyres in detail, especially feathering as it provides better insights into the tyre’s condition. Also, try to notice whether there are any signs of damage like dents under the hood.
Transfer of Registration Certificate
Fill up and submit the forms issued by the RTO under whichever jurisdiction it comes within. The document needs to be duly signed by the owner and the car buyer Delhi. In the event of the car’s registration falling under a different jurisdiction from the place where you live, obtaining a NOC from the respective jurisdiction’s RTO would accelerate the process and leads to registering of the transaction.
Fixing up before the first drive
A complete sanitizing of the car with steam cleaning would enable the used car to spring up with good interiors and exteriors. A car’s life expectancy is directly dependent on the maintenance and the periodical change of oils and fluids. So, change the fluids fully and do check the spark plugs.

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