We get it, purchasing outdoor blinds for your Adelaide home isn’t a common thing and we know that you may have many questions about it. To help, we’ve come up with our top things to keep in mind before buying outdoor blinds.

Right off the bat, the first thing to assess is the purpose for your outdoor blinds. What’s your motivation? When you walk onto your backyard or patio, what is it that’s missing? What would outdoor blinds help you accomplish? Is it to protect you from the scorching sun or pouring rain? Are you looking to install blinds for privacy? Define your specific need and keep that in mind when considering outdoor blinds.

Regardless of how much you enjoy the Adelaide summer heat or listening to the sound of the rain fall in winter, chances are you don’t want to be exposed to these elements while enjoying your outdoor living space. While our zipscreen outdoor blinds are the most effective choice in our product line, determining the type of climate you need the most protection from will help determine which material and type of blinds will best suit your needs.

Another thing to consider is the different areas in which you’d want to install your outdoor blinds. Are you looking to install them for your patio area? Your backyard? Perhaps your front yard? Figuring out where you want your outdoor blinds will also be a factor in determining the type and material you need your outdoor blinds to be.

We’re all in for green living, so it’s a given that considering your energy consumption is another factor in helping you decide on a set of outdoor blinds. Outdoor blinds can be used to make your home more energy efficient, especially during the Summer months when blinds can help block up to 35% of UV rays entering your home. Think about it, if your outdoor blinds can block out those rays, then you can reduce your air conditioning system! If you’re cautious about your energy consumption then the zipscreen outdoor blinds may just be perfect for you.

Understanding outdoor blinds can be a bit complex but that’s why we’re here! One of the last things to considering purchasing and installing blinds is where and who you get them from. Our team at 5 Star Outdoors in Adelaide have been in the industry for years with a combined experience of over 40 years. We not only get you what you want but we consider everything that you need and of course, at affordable prices.

Contact us for a free consultation so we can not only preserve your outdoor areas but turn it into an private and protected oasis.

Author's Bio: 

Laurie Mallia owns the business and is actively involved in the business on a day to day basis. After 20 years in the Home Improvement / Pool and Spa Industry Laurie decided to open his own business in January 2010 focussing on Outdoor Lifestyle solutions.