People in India love to invest some amount of money in gold as a safe asset at times of need. You can get cash for gold in Mumbai to get the required credit at any point in time, and it can be easily exchanged for money anywhere. Mostly, gold is traded in the forms of coins, jewelry, bullions, and bars, and you can find a gold buyer near home. Used gold is slightly cheaper than new gold, as it involves a few processes to make it attractive for a resale.

Even when you can easily find a buyer for your gold, getting its actual value can get tricky, as you will be provided money after deducting a melting charge, wastage fee, etc. So, you might think about where to sell gold so that you can get the best deal. This article includes the five most important things you need to check before selling your gold to a buyer. If you need to get cash for gold in Mumbai, you need to consider these things before choosing the gold buyer.

Top 5 things to examine before selling your gold in Mumbai:

1. Go to a genuine seller:

Visit a genuine gold buyer whenever you want to sell your gold. Share your gold invoice with them to have a better idea about the clarity of your gold. The seller will be likely to pay the right price if you have the purchase’s original receipt. If you have a hallmark, it can help you fasten the process as it is treated as a seal of trust among buyers.

2. Get quotes from different buyers:

Unless you are convinced about the price your buyer is quoting, go to multiple stores to get a better idea about the current market rates. You can cross-check the prices on news channels and the internet to ensure you are getting the correct value. The cost of used gold is a little less than new gold, as it requires processing before it can be resold.

3. Get a transparent evaluation:

Make sure that the buyer follows a transparent evaluation process. Ensure that buyers do not take your gold out of sight and tell you about their process beforehand. If you find the quote genuine, you can get paid for it instantly. Don’t trust people who keep your gold for evaluation while you can not see it. They might extract some amount of gold in the name of shining it. You can say “No” to them and go to a store ready to evaluate your gold with complete transparency.

4. Buyer reputation:

Check out reviews of your gold buyer online. It is better to sell your gold to a leading gold buyer nearby to get the best deal. Selling gold is easy, so do not fall into the trap of individuals claiming that you won’t get a buyer quickly. Eliminate buyers with multiple negative ratings as it will not be worth your time. Muthoot Gold Point is among the most trusted and renowned gold buyers in Mumbai, and you can find their outlet near your home with a simple Google search.

5. Charges involved:

Remember, some costs are involved when you sell gold, which includes a gold melting price and wastage fee. Make sure that your buyer is presenting you with a quote stating each cost involved clearly. Ensure your buyer discloses the terms and conditions right before examining the gold, and check your transaction statement for any undisclosed fee attested by the buyer.


Selling gold in India is easy. People like to save money in gold as an investment, and you can find plenty of gold buyers in India who can give you market price for your gold. To ensure that you secure the best deal, you should know where to sell gold in Mumbai.

This article can help all gold sellers dealing in all gold forms get a suitable buyer for their used gold. Remember, used gold is slightly cheaper than new gold, but it doesn’t mean it can not be sold. Demand for gold never dries out, and you can get cash for gold in Mumbai whenever you need money in hand.

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