You want to bring your beloved family to a better life, right? It means you must have a comfortable living place. A comfortable living place means that you and your beloved family, including your kids, get valuable things. Ceranium tries to facilitate you to get a great home just like what you wish for so long. Let’s take a look at what the construtora florianopolis offers to you. 


Living Place with Amazing Panoramic View

Just imagine if you see the amazing panoramic view every day. You will always have a good mood and reduce stress tension. You can also take a walk and enjoy the extremely beautiful scenery anytime you want. It improves the quality time with your beloved family. This is one of the great things you will get from Ceranium. One of the residences known as Swami Beach Residence is located in front of Lagoa Pequena and Paradisiaca Praia do Campeche. The location is near Prequena Lake and Campeche Beach. This is a living place that you have dreamed of for so long with your family, right? 


Complete Facilities

construtora florianópolis is not only offering an apartment and residence with a fantastic view but also complete facilities. You don’t need to get confused about going outside only to do your hobbies such as swimming, football, tennis, fitness, and many more. It doesn’t matter if you have pets in the family because the facility is including an area for the pets to play. Indeed, the area also supports your lovely kids. There is a specific playground area for them to play safely and comfortably. The area is also comfortable enough for those who love jogging or walking around. They can do it while enjoying the trees and beautiful gardens. One thing for sure, it seems that you are not living in an apartment but a small modern city.   


Things You Get 

The company wants to support you to have a great living place. You get wonderful things not only outside the apartment but also inside. You are about to live in an apartment with 2 or 3 bedrooms. You can also be a gardener inside the apartment, along with a roof to protect you from the sunlight, wind, or rain. Just consult with the customer service for the complete facilities and services you will get inside the apartment. The most important thing is that the facilities and services support you to live in the apartment comfortably for a long time. 


Apartments the Company Offers To You 

Swami Beach Residence is not the only living area the company offers to you. The company has several interesting and attractive apartamento campeche areas. The living areas you can choose are including the Sea of Leste Residence, Thai Beach Home Spa, San Marino, Saffira, Acqua Ville, Crystal Ville, Ecoville, and Malibu.


The Way to Get the Latest Info

You only have to visit the official website, to get the latest information in case you need to achieve your dream to make your beloved family happy by giving them an amazing living area.




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It is okay to visit the headquarters of R. Felipe Schmidt, 249 – Room 804 Centro, Florianopolis – SC, 88010-902. It is better to contact the company first by phone on +55 (48) 3222-8747 or email: