I have been listening to a discussion upon thought forms and decided to share my knowledge upon the subject. My reason for this is the havoc that they can create in our lives. Everyone puts energy into the emotions that cause others and ourselves to react during the day. People who have worked upon their spirituality can send more energy and unless they have the necessary control create their own monsters. I hope to describe some ways to recognize and remedy this happening to anyone who reads this article.

Anyone who is clairvoyant can see the colors in a person’s aura. These colors are indicators of how the person is feeling and reacting to the things happening to them. No one needs to read anyone’s mind to know what they are thinking if you just notice the colors. People who have a bad day create thought forms such as why did that happen to me. A person after witnessing a car accident or experiencing one will have a fearful thought form with them until they quit projecting what could have happened to them. If they are good at visualizing and putting energy into their fears, they may have a string of thought forms trying to hurt them until they over come the negative vibrations and raise their energies.

A thought form can not attach to you and hurt you unless the energies which make it up are duplicated in the person it is attached too. A Mother can visualize a son or daughter having a motorcycle accident and bring a thought form alive through worry which will stay around the son or daughter until her fears are realized. She does not mean to do this but the very energy she puts out will wait around until the proper vibration and act upon the person it is sent at to bring them into that fear. We all can do the same thing to loved ones. If the same Mother had put all of her energy into thinking that a guardian angel would protect them it would be completely different. The son or daughter would have a guardian angel there to help them through all the moments of their life. The thought form would manifest the energies to have a vehicle of energy exist to help the guardian angel defend and protect her child.

We all make this mistake in our lives because we have never been taught differently. Only recently have children had the information necessary to do affirmations to help their self-image. Adults are doing the same pattern of thinking that has been taught to them by life and their parents. It is why there are so many websites upon the web for personal growth. All of us need to use and learn the methods that help us to overcome the negative programming that life has taught us. We can then move on to become the beautiful person we are meant to be. Affirmations are one way of doing this that are easy to find. Prayer is another, magic, religion, and many other methods. All of them are available for anyone trying to help him or herself out of negativity.

Many times it is not our thought forms we are dealing with but what others send to us and wish upon us. A person’s negative reaction can happen because they see the thought form of what you think of them and are sending at them. You then have them react in such a way you think what did I do? It is not what you did but what they could see of your thoughts. You can say all the nice things you want to say but if it is not on the inside then sooner or later someone will react to the colors in your aura and the thought forms you form around you. People will do this intuitively and react to you without knowing why but they still will react.

The people who have the most trouble are the ones who accept everyone’s thoughts of them as correct and right. They will have illness, spiritual problems and many other things happen because they lower themselves to the negative vibrations of their own and others thoughts. It will attract other energies that are worse than thought forms and bring them to life.

Ok now that we know this can happen to us so what do we do about it? The first step is you are human and can express emotions but do not dwell on them. Let them go and clean them up. Disassemble any constructed thoughts of any emotions. An example of this is that you have someone be really rude to you. You wish they have a whole day of people treating them the same way and they can see how you feel! Self-righteousness and assertiveness can fill you and you tell someone who is trying to play you for a fool exactly how you feel about them and their plans. Yet you do not wish the same thing happening to them as such people put themselves into a negative cycle by their choices. Do not be obsessive or if you find yourself having problems not thinking about something do a prayer, affirmation or something else to distract yourself. Otherwise, what you obsess about will occur in your life.

Now this can be done in a positive fashion. You can wish compassion for the person so they learn how others feel good. Wishing that the next thirty people are snotty to them is wrong. The first way may have the same results but it is not negative but what the person needs to learn. Someone playing you for a fool can have it proven to them by life to leave you alone. Only after others have proven they do not learn and are ignorant is a more severe method able to harvest results. If a person keeps putting you into positions where they get you in trouble or into problems where they just let you get hurt. It means that they are not a person you should be around just like anything that bites is dangerous.

Let us say instead of being positive you just wish for the person to have happen to them what they did to you. You dwell upon this and visualize how stupid they can be and look. Keep doing this and you will have a thought form. It will fly to the person visualized and try to lower the vibrations so it can attach to them. The problem is if the person’s vibrations do not lower then your thought form will come back to you. It will make you miserable by impressing upon you all of the flaws and nastiness that you saw in the other person. It unbalances you and makes you ill.

You realize that you have lost it and just sent the thought form of a negative image at someone. You should draw it back to where you can visualize all of your emotions. You then dissolve it. A simple ritualistic way to do this is by cleaning it up. You keep cleaning away the dirty and the negative until it dissolves and is removed completely. Dirty and negative means all of the thoughts of revenge, anger, rage, or any other emotion like that. You should also do that for any negative energy you discover around you, banish, and clean them up. I have a self-banishing method that can be used to help with these problems and a Removing Negativity method that will also help.

I always like to visualize cleaning up the thought form with soap and bubbles. You can keep doing this until it is shiny and glowing. Some traditions feel that you must fight your thought form and overcome it and all of the energies in it. You are then considered to have conquered the problems. Another method is to transmute the energies until they glow in positive colors. The thought form then changes shape and works for a positive outcome of the situation that caused it to be created from the negative energies that exist in it.

Most people collect thought forms every day if they are in a miserable negative mood. The reason for this is everyone thinks them at someone else. Just driving anywhere can do it as many people send out really bad thoughts at people in traffic. Let alone other situations during the day.

You can clean out others thought forms by taking a minute to cleanse your energies. Pray when you wash your hands to cleanse and remove all negativity from you. Meditate and see loving kindness and compassion changing the negative energies to it. Affirmations and forgiveness of yourself and others repeated and said each day helps to cleanse you. The important thing is to remove it and there are many methods in yoga and upon the web which do have positive results. You should also remember no one method works for everyone. Yet 5 minutes of meditation or cleaning up all the forms of negativity around you can make a better day. You can do this at work or anywhere you are at when you have a few minutes. Just clean up one small bit of negativity around you.

You can also strengthen yourself by not allowing yourself to be negative. Affirmations and music that puts you into a positive mood will help with this. Music is vibrational magic in many ways as the vibrations and combinations in it create thought forms that influence your mood. It is why everyone should be careful of the music they listen to so they do not end up putting themselves into the wrong mental space at the wrong time.

Music can speak to our soul and raise our vibrations. It is what influences you when you need it. I am sure everyone reading this article can think of songs that do that for them. Music is a powerful tool also when cleaning up thought forms. A good example is a song from a movie called Brother, where art thou? It is called “Keep on the Sunny side”. Yet think how it affects you. I know it cheers me up and makes me think that keeping good thoughts helps you get through the bad days of life.

I hope these ideas help everyone. Thought forms are more common than any negative spirits. They are easier to clean up unless they are made into a monster by the person affected. It is everyone realizing how to help themselves.

(c) Nita Hickok 2006

Author's Bio: 

Nita Hickok is a Hermetic Magician, Earth Magician, Interfaith Minister, astral healer, and distant healer. She helps many people with spiritual problems by insights and energy work upon their problems.

She has been an astral healer and exorcist for 39 years. Nita has done over a hundred exorcisms.