You probably know or have at least heard of Newton’s law that states for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. There is balance and equilibrium in the world. Here’s the kicker, and question I throw your way, have you ever thought of your thoughts as “action”? If you haven’t…START.

We’ve covered previously the fact that thoughts are things. Not only that, they are the initial things. Thought is the preamble to everything. Thought causes all. They are the seeds that we plant. Everything springs from our thoughts. Hence, they are very active. I forget, but believe it was Harv Eker that stated that no thought lives in your mind rent free. I think that saying drives straight to the point I’m trying to reach here. If a thought is an action, every thought that you think must have and cause a reaction. There must be an effect. There must be balance. So, the lesson, or perhaps even warning, here is to watch what you think about all day long. Stand guard.

You see, those thoughts MUST find an outlet. They must come out and be expressed somewhere in your life or experience. Evey thought must be accounted for. Once again, there must be balance. It’s really that simple.

So, BE CAREFUL, and watch your thoughts. There’s no such thing as idle thoughts or idle words.

Are we cool there? Good, great, grand, wonderful.

Now, stay with me for a second here. I want to parlay this idea over to another law or should I say RULE that you’ve probably heard of. Yeah, that’s right, I’m talking about the Golden Rule. Come on, you know it, it says to do unto others as you would have others do unto you. I was thinking about this the other day and I don’t believe the word “do” is strictly speaking about physical actions you would do with your body. I’m thinking we cast a larger net here in encapsulate even our thoughts. As we know and talked about above, thought causes all. Everything stems from thought. Remember the process of manifestation: thought leads to feeling which leads to action which leads to results.

So, getting back on track. Here’s what I’m proposing. That you think, feel and act (in other words “do”) unto others as you would have others think, feel and do unto you. Doing this, thinking of loving, harmonious, peaceful thoughts about others can and MUST express itself in your life in positive ways. Once again, there must be that reaction. You see, that’s why the Golden Rule and the commandment that tells us to love others as we love ourselves is so important. Truly, in loving others and thinking loving thoughts of others you’re as well doing it to yourself. Does that make sense? As these thoughts for others occupy YOUR mind, their reactions will show themselves in YOUR life.

It’s the ultimate and most beautiful Win-Win situation ever.

Now, some folks are probably picking their jaws up off the floor. I understand, I was in the same boat when I first understood this. It was well-timed for me because my floor was getting pretty dirty. I had all kinds of dirt and crumbs and dust bunnies that got on my jaw. Anyways, here’s what to do, re-read this article one more time and also be sure to pass it along.

Live well,

Ron Kawatsky

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Ron Kawatsky is a personal growth and spiritual development expert focusing in the areas of faith and belief, positive thinking, awareness and success skills. Ron’s website,, offers oodles of insight, knowledge, videos and lessons for you.