Sometimes it feels so good to be bad and say, “I know I might regret it, but what the hell!” Sometimes crossing the line can make you feel justified… especially if you have been wronged by the person really close to you.

And nothing can push you to be a bad ass than being a victim of infidelity. I remember my next door neighbor burned all her husband’s clothes and run over the mistress’s puppy. She spent a night in jail, but she said, “it was worth it!” Yes, nothing can twist your healthy little mind and dissolve your conscience than being betrayed and cheated.

When you are clouded with anger, you just can’t help but get even to the people involved in the betrayal- from your husband’s friends and their wives to the other woman’s friends and pets.

Yes, you hate them all.

And nothing feels better than venting out all your hate and fury to the mistress- to confront her and tell her how filthy she is from wrecking your family. Confronting the other woman is like one big urge that you just have to do. That’s understandable. But as a certified relationship coach, I strongly advice against confronting the other woman. First of all, the affair happened between two consenting adults. This means that your husband chose to get himself involved in the clandestine affair in his own free will.

So, confronting the other woman and telling her that it’s all her fault is very risky. She might dispute with you about this one and you might hear words that can only hurt you more. Nothing good can come out from confronting the other woman. It may feel good lambasting her later but sooner or later it will backfire on you. Your husband or other people might feel sorry for her instead of you.

You may not care what the other woman thinks or feels about you, but confronting her will only make you look desperate and silly. This will only add to your already overflowing self- remorse.

Don’t give the other woman the satisfaction of your presence. Don’t go down to her filth, girl. Rise about the situation. The best revenge is to have a great life. Take care of yourself. Even if you are shaken and lost, try to be in control. Let your husband see that you have substance and grace. Let him see your strength, from this he will see your worth and respect you for it… and that alone can make him realize his mistakes.

Keep in mind that the other woman is not your concern. Your concern is yourself and your family. Focusing your time and effort on her is a total waste of time. Don’t mock yourself with her presence. You are far better than her in all sense of the word.

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The author of this article, Ruth Purple , is a Relationship Expert who has been successfully coaching individuals and couples in their relationships. Get A Copy of her sensational ebook on Winning Over Infidelity. Experience a Happier Love Life.