The economy bubble can be explained as a trade or dealing in products or assets with highly inflated prices. In the recent years the economic bubble arising in the United States has been affecting the real estate USAtrade and business in many ways. The housing and a lot of different types of properties have raised pricesto new peaks recently. The U.Spropertyowners have faced a crisisin terms of their land worth.The U.S economic bubble has actually collapsed which has a profound impact on the prices of the houses within the states. The collapsing of the housing and property have resulted a drop in the businessof real estate USAwhich has caused the governmentof the United States as a consequence to proclaim a limited amount of bailout to the people who were unable to pay off their loans from the banks. Also the President of United States in 2008 has provided a large amount of loans to the affected homeowners for theirliberation from the economy crisis. The land prices are a major contribution to the property business dealers as compared to the structures constructed over the land.

The worth of a land is determined after deducting the value of the structure for compensating the depreciation adjustment. The economy bubble can occurin the entire local or the world wide real estate USAmarkets. As a consequence there is a rapid increase in calculation of the worth of the real property until indefensible levels of the prices are attainedwhich are in accordance with their incomes and other indicators of economy describing the measure of affordability.These result in a decrease in the prices of the houses and the owners face the crisis of negative economy which means that mortgage arrears are higher than the value of the property itself. Real state USA is an integral part of the business trading of the property in the United States. The whole economy of the U.S as well as the whole world is disturbed, since majority of other countries also trade with the United States in a lot of its home products.

Hence, the government is supposed to take effective steps to help upraisethe collapsing real estate industry. The identification of the problem regarding the downfall in this business before itsroots are damaged is an important part of the job for the economic specialists related to the real estate and also the overall onlookers of the state. The economy specialists working for the real estate USA are also responsible for having an insight into the system problems and predict the risks involved and the warnings for the traders. The Economist Magazine has been working promptly for the same issue and even the economists suggest many solutions to the prevailing problems for the business dealers and as well as the government itself. However a few journals also tried to neglect the threats of this issuebut on the whole it has now been admitted by the government that the economy and the market of the U.S has been disturbed by this crisis in the past years.

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