If you had to sum up the whole secrets to making women like you and to make yourself a “dating” material, you’d end up coming to the conclusion that it’s all related to making women trust you.

If you apply the best techniques in the world to seduce women but you look at the same time not trustworthy, women will never like you and they are always going to feel repelled by you and even frightened by you.

Here are some of the techniques I use most of the times to make women trust me and feel great about me:

The first technique is to be true to her;

By this, I mean that you have to be very direct and truth telling to women in every situation and occasion.

If for example a woman asks you about the ways she looks, don’t try to compliment her on it and say that she is the most interesting and beautiful woman you’ve ever seen, simply look at her and then tell her what you really think about her without hurting her and making her angry at you.

It can be a difficult thing, but you need to do it any way.

The second technique to make women trust you and feel great about you is to say what’s on your heart all the time.

We don’t like hypocrites and so do women, in fact, no one will like a person who tells lies all the time.

People love honesty and truth.

This is a real problem, because most women, if not all of them, will appear as hating to hear the truth and not able to stand it, but the reality is totally different, women love it when a guy is sincere and totally responsible for what’s coming out of his mouth.

This can be confusing to you at first; here are the rules of conduct you need to adopt:

Never speak ill of yourself when with a woman

Always say the truth about what you think

Don’t try to please women by being a yes man

Don’t praise her for anything she does

Don’t compliment her every time she is wearing something different

The third technique to make her trust you is to never gossip others

Whenever you are with a woman and you start gossiping others, she will say and feel one thing about you: “when I won’t be around, he’s going to say bad things about me too!”

And it’s true, gossiping is a bad habit that’s very difficult to get rid of.

When you gossip other people around women, they will never trust you, in fact, at the time of gossiping them, they may be smiling at you or even being nice to you, but in reality, they are going to despise you and think that you are an ill person.

The best thing you can do is to be true to yourself and to women as well, from gossiping to her looks, just say what’s on your mind and let people alone from bad mouthing them.

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