You are a powerful creator. The Source Energy that creates worlds flows through you and all things. Believing is vital. Believe in yourself as a Divine Being in human form. Believe that you already have the creative power within for your sacred journey on Earth.

As you develop your inner power, you become the deliberate creator of a happier and more productive life. You move toward serenity and goodness and away from discord and ugliness. You live with more balance and joy.

Honor your word and keep your promise to yourself and others.

You may have a habit of making promises and not following through on them. Conveniently you may forget about them. You may make a promise to yourself and wimp out on it. The conditions may no longer suit you. These behaviors weaken you and your authority over ego.

You develop inner power each time you honor your word and keep a promise. With this power comes the responsibility to protect it. Choose your words carefully and watch what you think and feel. Practice verbal discipline. Speak only what you know is true and real. Say only what you know you are going to do. By commitment to your word and your promise, you show respect for yourself and develop your inner power.

Refrain from judging and criticizing others.

You and I are spiritual beings on this earth in human form. We are here to grow and evolve. We have no knowledge of another’s evolution. We cannot know another’s true intentions. Judgment and criticism engage the ego without a basis.

When you refrain from judging and criticizing others, you tap into a higher awareness. You understand that you don’t know what they need at this time. You don’t know what their higher Self has decided. You can choose to walk away from what you don’t like. You can lead by example or with a few carefully chosen words. Your Life Source within allows you to be. You are allowing others this same freedom and developing your inner power.

Refrain from defending yourself and expressing negative energy.

Your life is a sacred journey to know your true Self and reclaim your creative power. It is an inner journey. As you internalize this knowing, your perception of the world changes. You will think and act differently. Don’t defend your beliefs. Don’t defend your choice to follow your own sacred path. Defending yourself saps your sacred energy.

It is easy to find yourself expressing negative energy, especially when you talk. It takes discipline to turn away from your negative inner voice. Remind yourself that the Source Energy within you is infinite and beautiful. Resolve that you are not going to waste this precious energy with negative ways of being. The decision to evolve spiritually is heroic. It requires your commitment. It offers a way to raise your sacred energy and reclaim your inner power.

You have the power within to create a happier, more productive life. As you take responsibility for yourself, you develop your inner power and gain more appreciation for your life. Many great teachers have told us: “Go forth and seek joy.” But we are complicated beings. We are slow to accept such a simple message.

You were born to create. You have a reason for being on Earth. Follow your heart’s desires and honor your true Self. Imagine what it feels like to live your desires. Make choices that honor who you really are. Believe in your power to create growth and harmony in yourself and in the world. Live each day with joy.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Mary Beth Ford is an author, an inspirational speaker, and a teacher at heart and by profession. She is the author of Wisdom from the Gardens—Life Lessons and creator of the CD Garden Wisdom—5 Ways to Grow in Life Balance and Joy. In presentations she uses garden images and connects them with life experience. She explores our desire for happiness and life balance. In her work Dr. Ford looks to the natural world for guidance in human affairs. She uses discoveries in modern science to empower us and improve our lives. Mary Beth helps busy people live with Spirit in the world. She shares simple rituals, inspiring stories and ways to live with inner happiness and balance.

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