You’ve just come from an amazing, life altering weekend seminar. You’ve met a ton of new contacts, and you’ve gained new incredible insights, killer techniques, and dynamic tools to enhance your business practices, improve your lifestyle, skyrocket your finances, master your health, or successfully find the love of your life.

The problem is that while you’ve been enjoying this life-altering event, you’ve put your own life on hold so you could absorb all of this incredible information. Now you’re wondering how to stay motivated and put all this amazing information to good use?

This is the very same tar-like pit that over eighty percent of people who attend any event fall into; life comes flooding back at you, while you frantically rush to get everything back on track and running smoothly again.

Instantly you’re slammed into a fray of tasks, errands, projects, calls, and emails just to get back to how things were before you took the time for this awe-inspiring seminar (book, CD, or program).

Sadly, for the majority of people, this means that the amazing training you just learned needs to be put on hold so you can play “Life” catch-up, and you promise to get to it again soon. No matter how important and vital the seminar is for your growth, it has to wait. So you put it on the shelf promising to get back to it soon.

A year later you see those same program materials glaring at you from the corner of your desk or bookshelf, and every day you promise to give it a few minutes.

Wait a minute! Those materials are the key to changing your life for the better forever, and you’re going to “try” to get to it for a “brief” amount of time? What’s going on here?

If any of this resonates with you, you’re not alone. Over eighty percent of those who attend a truly great seminar experience this exact same problem. Why? Because none of these seminars teach one vital technique to give you that important leverage, how to avoid “Overwhelm”.

The first question you might ask is; “How can I get back to real life while also incorporating the great training I’ve just learned, and are there other people who can successfully integrate both into their busy lives?”

The answer is you can, and yes, others do successfully put them to use. If eighty percent struggle with keeping the focus on this new training and their lives, that leaves twenty percent who can absorb the learning and apply it successfully to their lives.

In fact, the top 1% are masters at this. So it only stands to reason that there’s a way for you too to become a master. You might think the key is to become great at multitasking. If so, you’d be wrong. In fact, multitasking is responsible for getting people even more behind and buried deeper in overwhelm.

The key is surprisingly simple. How to stay motivated incorporates two easy to master techniques. Focusing on one task at a time, while seeing it through to completion, and using the power of others to support, drive, and motivate you to completion. Learning how to do this is surprisingly simple. In fact, this is something you could learn to master tomorrow.

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Craig Copeland - Author of "Finish What You Start". Teaching people how to successfully reach their goals and dreams