Today, I'd like to share about importance of effective time management. In my opinion, time management is necessary to achieve your main goal and dream. I often observe most people doing work hard for his or her careers but practically no one can get what they really want. Without doubt, I was one of them before I have found out the very simple hidden secret of time management. I learned out of this basic concept from famous philosopher Jim Rohn.

His concept of time management is:

Usually, there is half dozen things that make 80% of the difference. Another way to put it, keep looking for the few things that make most difference... Once you find the things that make most of challenge, now most of the time you spend those few things. This is called time management.

I could not agree with this statement more. There is simply not thousand things we must do in order to be successful. There are merely number of things that count almost all the challenge. In fact, best kept secret of the wealthy is time management in my view. In life, wealthy and successful people have about Twenty-four hours a day and poor and mediocre people also have Twenty-four hours a day. In other words, both have equal time. Yet, final outcome is considerably different. This is mainly because wealthy and successful people use his or her time a lot more effectively than the poor as well as mediocres. This is another concept of Jim Rohn that hit me initially when I first learned. He asserted "Most of people don't do well because they major in minor thing". Most people are emphasizing small stuff that not even counting their over-all success. This is one of the major reasons exactly why most people won't be successful. I will provide you with easy illustration. For last ten years, Mr. A has paid the lots of money and time for playing games and paid funds only for A single book and he wondered the reason why his life is devastated. Right away, we could see why his life is devastated. He paid far too much money and time for enjoying game and not just enough time and money for book. That is the difference! He put in way too much time and money for the things that not likely count to his overall achievement. This is clearly rather simple example but many individuals are doing this simple mistake without notice.

On the other hands, individuals I generally spend time with are all focusing on the actions that count for their success. They know precisely what they want and they're only focusing on the couple of stuff that allow them to obtain their objective. Every time, successful entrepreneurs and investors I hang out with said exactly the same thing as Jim Rohn said: Time management planning and focus is key to success. In my opinion, understanding the importance of time management is necessary to achieve success.

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