A new season comes with new goals. What makes sports and cycling in particular, so beautiful is that you notice that you are getting better. The distance you covered in the beginning does not represent how much your legs can 'kick away'. If you get better, then it's good to check your bike and see how your bike can support you better and help you achieve your new goals.

When you should buy a new bike?
The choice to buy a new bicycle is easy. Have you been cycling a little longer and are you looking for a lighter bike, different fork or different size? Then a new bicycle is probably the best option. Where should you pay attention when you buy a new bike? Below are the 5 most important tips:

1. What’s the purpose?
Decide for what you will mainly use the bicycle. This determines what type of racing bike is suitable for you. Get good advice from a specialist bicycle shop near you or search online for professional advice. You can ask for help in cycling forums to get the best advice from experts.

2. What is your budget?
Sometimes it can be cheaper to buy a second-hand racing bike. Often you can buy a much more advanced second-hand racing bike for the same budget. I recommend that you go to a bicycle repair shop that sells used bicycles and do not buy one through marketplaces. Often you even get a number of months warranty.

3. Find a Suitable Material
Which material do you want to ride? Carbon is the lightest material for racing bicycles. So many people immediately think that they have to trade in their current aluminum or steel frame for carbon fat bike frame. But that is certainly not always necessary! If you can get the most weight saving from your own weight, it is wiser to start using this first. An aluminum or steel frame is considered a lot more durable than carbon but carbon fiber fat bike frames are much better.

4. Frame Size
A correct frame size runs smoothly and prevents injuries. You can easily measure it yourself. The size of your frame is based on the length of the inside of your leg. You determine the size as follows:

Place your feet 15 cm apart. Measure the length of your heel to your crotch and multiply the result by 0.68. Then you round the outcome down. This is the frame size that is most suitable for you.

5. Best time to Purchase.
The best time to purchase a new bicycle is in the fall, between October and January. The old models are exchanged for the new models in the bicycle shops. And you can also find great deals online, because people tidy up their storage rooms and have to wipe the dust off their racing bike and therefore come to the conclusion to dispose of it.

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Misty Jhones