Makeup is an essential thing for women. It gives a glow to the face that helps transform an ordinary face into an angelic one. Use of basic makeup items and accessories is possible at home. Here we see how we achieve this effect.

The first big event women look forward to is their wedding. We can use the services of a makeup artist to do the Bridal Makeover in Delhi. They charge a flat rate for their services. Here are some tips for brides on their wedding day.

Best bridal makeup tips -

Don’t forget the primer - As soon as you wash and moisturize your face, apply the primer. It hides all the flaws and keeps the face fresh-looking.

Stay oil free - Use oil-free products to prevent an oil build up on the face.

Drink plenty of water - On the day before, drink plenty of water. This will keep your skin hydrated and fresh.

Concealer trick - Apply concealer after foundation to prevent the “artificial” look. The concealer gives you a natural look.

Makeup brushes to always have with you -

Makeup is easy for those that carry their own kit. For those that carry their own makeup kit, here are some brushes you must always have.

Large soft fan - Use this brush to brush off any excess powder. You can highlight a different color using this brush. It creates a diffused natural looking highlight. You can use it on the bridge of the nose and collarbone.

Flat eyeliner brush: For tight lining cream or gel, and to keep the line as close to the line as possible, use the flat eyeliner brush. You can use it to create sharp edges around the mouth.

Eyeshadow blend brush: This brush has soft bristles but have enough density to pack on material. The tapered shape distributes shadow and hugs creases perfectly.

Concealer brush: This is perfect because it has a flat outreach and does the lips perfectly. Use this to make the lips appear fuller and lush.

Makeup tips for women:

For women who wish to do makeup on their own, here are some tips from the Best Makeup Artist in Delhi. Use these tips to become an expert in makeup.

Eyebrow waxing -

Make sure you have at least ¼ inch hair before you begin. Choose the shape of the brow. Keep hair pinned out of the way. Use pre-wax cleaner to clean the area around the eyebrow. Dust some baby powder lightly. Apply wax in the direction of hair growth. Use plenty of light. Use small strips to remove hair.

Use makeup removers -

First is olive oil. Pour some on a cotton ball and dab it on your eyelids. You can even remove mascara this way. Another solution is to pour some milk and mix it with almond oil. This will work on heavy makeup. Or, you can use yogurt. Rinse with cold water after you finish.

Makeup changes the way a woman looks. It helps to elevate her from the mediocre to the astounding. And, one can also do it at home.

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