Refinishing hardwood floors has always been an intimidating task for homeowners as many opt for DIY ideas out which some work amazingly and some causes damage to the wood. With tips for refinishing hardwood floors comes to regret and to avoid this regret it is essential to implement proven methods of refinishing hardwood floors.

So, here we will discuss some promising methods to refinish your hardwood floor. Firstly, we will discuss a few things which you need to take care of to perform the job in an accurate manner. Understanding of different hardwood floors is important along what can affect the refinishing process.

• Some types of floors are easy to refinish. For example, oak and pine are the most popular and easy ones to work with. Some hardwoods like mahogany, walnut and maple are more rigid to work with and this can consume a lot of time.

• When it comes to refinishing old hardwood floors you must always check if there are gaps between the floor planks. In case the gaps are widening and you are able to see the nails that hold the floor down then you must not think of refinishing this type of floor. It will be better to consult a professional.

• There are some new types of hardwood floors that are ¼ inches thick and have a laminate coating on top. These kinds of floors can neither be refinished nor sanded and if you still do it then the floor will wear away.

• If it’s a rainy season or the weather is extremely humid then it is better to postpone the refinishing process. It is because wood is a porous material and when you strip the old wooden floor it will tend to absorb moisture due to which the new finish will take a long time to dry.

Now, follow these Steps to refinish the floor in a flawless way

Step 1: Firstly clear the floor and then use the vacuum to clean up all the dust. You will need the sanding machine and an empty clean surface, to begin with. Wear dusk masks, ear protection and shoes. Sanding a hardwood floor which is heavily waxed or oiled is not possible. First, you would need to remove this and then begin with sanding.

Step 2: Remove the shoe molding so the floor sander doesn’t bang against it. You should use a piece of scrap wood to protect the baseboard. If there is no shoe moldings then remove the base molding else you might damage it using a sander.

Step 3: Now check for nail loose floorboards and squeaks. A better method will be to nail it to floor joist using the 8d finishing nails. Check if there are any nails protruding. Do this by sliding the blade of a putty knife across the floor. So, set the nails in a proper way and use latex wood putty to fill the holes.

Step 4: The dust should not spread. So, use a plastic sheet and cover the ductwork as well as the doorways. You can use masking tape to cover the edges of plastic sheets.

Step 5: You can begin with a drum sander, but if you just want to do hardwood floor refinishing then use a vibrating sander. You may need some operating tips to use the drum sander. If you face difficulty then call a professional like Workman flooring contractors who can perform the job of refinishing using appropriate tools in a flawless way. Sand the floor in a uniform way.

Step 6: If you manage to use the sander on your own and want to proceed further, then first of all clean and vacuum all the dust. Use a tack cloth if required after you have finished vacuuming the floor.

Step 7: Use a foam applicator and apply the wood stain and stain it in the direction of wood grain. Another thing to keep in mind is that work on a manageable area at one time. It can be 4 square feet.

Step 8: Use a clean cotton cloth to remove excess stains after a few minutes of applying it. Now, allow the stain to dry before you apply the first coat of varnish. Use a water base or oil base polyurethane finish as it is more reliable. You would need to apply four coats of water-based finish and three coats of oil-based finish. Make use of lamb wool applicator to apply the finish.

Why call a professional?

Hardwood floor refinishing is not a simple process as it requires a lot of time, skills and effort. You definitely need some level of expertise to do a perfect job. The advantage of doing a job on your own is you will save money, but in case you are not able to do it on your own then you may spoil the floor which will cost you even more.

Professional contractors are certified and take the ownership of their work. They have the experience, knowledge, and resources to refinish the hardwood floors. There is no scope for mistakes.


You can implement these tips to refinish hardwood floors, but if you would like to save yourself from the stress of doing the job on your own then get in touch with a reputed hardwood floor refinishing company.

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