Today, most teenagers love to paly with things a little and have a new way of experiencing things. And as a parent or guardian, it is your duty to keep them away from harmful incidents like drug addiction, teenage pregnancy and lack of direction.

Below are tips to make them fruitful:

1. Book Clubs - One of the things teenagers can do to keep themselves productive is to join different enrichment clubs. There are many groups they can join and some of the best ones are book clubs. Here, they will interact with other members and learn from each other. Making them busy with books and their goals as a team will leave them little time to think of destructive activities.

2. Outreach Organizations - Letting your child join outreach programs lets him spend his time on something that is good for him and others. When your child joins an outreach group, he will learn the value of being of help to others, especially those who are in need. Children will also be able to know many kinds of people and to interact with them. Another great thing about joining an outreach program is the opportunity to travel to new places. Usually, these groups go to areas where there is a need to deliver medical and other important services.

3. Sports - Joining in sports activities not only will keep your kid away from those bad habits like drugs, alcohol and others, he can also stay fit and healthy. You can have him join a Karate training. This way, your child is physically active and he can learn to develop self discipline.

4. Work - A temp job where your child can be busy is a great activity as well. He will be too tired to go out and be tempted with bad influences from others.

5. Family Bonding - It is important for parents to initiate activities that will involve everyone in the family. Above all, these activities have to be fun or those that allow the children to enjoy themselves while in the company of other family members. If there's a strong presence of family members in a child's life, the chances for him to be engaged in people who can be a bad influence is reduced.

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