You have gone through the whole task of choosing a baby stroller, from reviewing, to inquiring to actually purchasing that perfect stroller. Now you have to decide which stroller accessories are a must, and which ones can you do without. There are thousands of different stroller add-ons that you can buy, many of them that are universal for all strollers. They range from additional stroller storage, to toys that can entertain your baby while you stroll.

Whichever baby stroller you may choose, many parents feel that there is never enough storage for all the ‘stuff’ that you need for you and your baby. In addition to all the shopping purchases you have made on your stroller outing! There are storage add-ons for your baby stroller for this need. There are extra storage bags that attach with velcro and stroller hooks that can hang additional bags on to the handlebars. For your baby’s needs, you can add drink holders to your baby stroller, if your stroller has not included one in the package.

For the safety and comfort of your infant, there many accessories you can purchase to make you feel secure about your baby. You can buy reflectors and strobe lights for outings in the dark. Many strollers do not come with weather proof covers and bug net covers that you may want to buy if you spend a lot of time outdoors. A stroller umbrella is something you may need for your convenience too.

Many parents want their child to be entertained and stimulated. There are endless clips on or dangling toys for your stroller so your child can be kept busy throughout your outing. They are usually attachable through velcro or plastic clips.

Many strollers offer these add on accessories for an additional price. They are usually expensive and you may want to look into a generic option of the same accessory that can attach to your stroller also. Good research online can help you find the best prices of baby stroller accessories out there.
Good luck!

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Author: Kamran Minhas