Funerals are a difficult time but especially so for the people closest to the person that has passed. When considering what kind of flowers to buy and send a lot of thought needs to go into the decision. There are a few different types of flowers and some are meant to be sent to different places, or come from certain people. For example, casket flowers Toms River, are ordered by those closest to the deceased who are organizing the funeral. Sympathy flowers are not the same as funeral flowers. In case such details are important to you and you want to avoid insulting anybody here are some tips on funeral flower orders, and how to care for them after.

Sending sympathy flowers to the bereaved

Sympathy flowers are for those left behind, not for the funeral itself. You would order them from a florist to be sent to the wife, husband, parents, children of the person that has died. They are a way for you to express your grief and let them know that you are thinking of them. It is best to keep them easy to care for and something simple so that it is easy for the bereaved to find somewhere to put them, and to look after them. Hand-tied bouquets, a rose plant, a small vase of something are all acceptable options.

Funeral flowers go to the church or crematorium

Funeral flowers NJ are what you would send to the church or crematorium for the funeral itself. It is best to check with the funeral director or the family before you send anything though as sometimes families ask for charity donations instead of flowers. There are a variety of options, hearts, pillows, letters, wreaths, sheaves, open sprays and more. From closer loved ones funeral flowers are likely to include casket flowers Toms River, or where they are, these are draped over the casket or coffin.

Order with plenty of time to spare

Whichever type of flowers you are sending be sure to put in your order as soon as you know when the funeral or cremation is happening. This ensures the florist has the time needed to create what you want, especially if you are wanting one of the more complex designs. Most florists have experience with funeral flowers NJ, but not all do. Ask them before you order so you can feel secure that what they send is appropriate.

Looking after the flowers

When flowers come home they will need to be set up in water and a vase so that they will last longer. Cut the flowers at an angle and at least 1.5 cm up. If the plant is already potted place it somewhere it can thrive, away from heat and check now and then to see if it needs water. If you put your finger into the soil and it feels moist then no water is needed. Since the loves ones closest to the deceased may not be ready to look after a lot of flowers and plants this is something a close friend can help with.


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