What is the most wonderful day to ask a loved one for marriage? You might say Valentine's Day, but Christmas Eve has been the perfect evening for decades to ask your loved one. We are happy to share some great tips when buying an engagement ring.

1. Modern or classic?
Is your loved one a modern or classic type? To find the right engagement ring, it is important to know what your future wife will love. Does she love sleek design, bling-bling or vintage? Does she love gold or silver? There is a huge amount of design and material choice today. Yet it is the classic yellow, rose or white gold engagement rings that are most often chosen.

2. Steal a ring of hair
Of course, a ring must fit well around the ring finger. But how do you secretly measure - without being suspicious - the ring size of your loved one? There are different methods for this. The best thing is of course to take a ring that she often carries to the jeweler. If that does not work, you may want to try to measure the inside diameter of a ring with a vernier caliper at an unguarded moment. Another simple method to determine the ring size of your upcoming is to slide a ring of hair around your own finger, and to put a mark at the point where the ring will clamp.

3. The choice of diamond
A classic engagement ring contains a diamond. The most chosen ring is the solitaire diamond ring . One diamond is placed in this ring. A second option is the diamond pave ring . This ring has an entourage of several smaller diamonds next to a center stone. A third option is the diamond ring with smaller diamonds on the side. Can you not make a good decision for yourself? Then we offer the possibility to find a loose diamond online (or other gem). You can then come back together later to find out the ring or design together with us. So you never choose the wrong ring.

4. Pay attention to the cutting of the diamond
When the diamond (or other gemstone) is chosen, it is important that you are on the cutting. With the sharpening of the diamond we mean: in what shape and in what quality the diamond is sharpened - that largely determines the beauty of the ring. A baguette cut diamond will never show the sparkle and dispersion (fire and rainbow colors) of a brilliant cut stone. That is why it is useful to ask the jeweler if he can show the differences. How well the stone is cut is mentioned on a diamond certificate.

5. Choose the color of a diamond
Does not the ring have to be the classic engagement ring? Then you can choose a colored stone. Look for example at a yellow or a black diamond, or a green emerald, blue sapphire or red ruby. With these beautiful colors you make her proposal ring unique.

6. Determine the carat of the diamond
The carat is the indication of the size of the diamond. One carat (abbreviation: crt) equals 200 milligrams. Are you looking for a cheaper engagement ring, but with a diamond size of around one carat, consider buying a diamond between 0.93 crt ​​and 0.98 crt. With the naked eye, there is hardly any difference compared to the 1.00 crt. But the price can be up to twenty percent cheaper because 0.98 crt is not a magically round number.

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Misty Jhones