Many are the times when one has back pain, and they will run for over the counter pain relievers, massages at the spa, or you would go to the nearest hospital. However, some are not that lucky and will require special attention from a specialist, a spine doctor.

A spine surgeon is an orthopaedist who diagnoses and treats spinal diseases and conditions. Scoliosis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, spine injuries, and infections are just a number of various spine diseases. 

Back pain could be irritating and unbearable, and it's only fair to have the best back doctor. Hopefully, with these tips, you can finally get better. 

The spine doctor has to be a certified (board eligible) surgeon trained in the spine. 

Hey, you are looking for the best spine surgeon; a certified one qualifies as he/she has been recognized as the best and is knowledgeable of the situation.

They should have at least a year of training to be familiar with the field.

A surgeon who is a specialist in the treatment of spine problems or practices more in the field.

A physician who dedicates most time to spine patients is more likely to relate to the latest technologies and techniques than one who occasionally does it.

You should feel comfortable.

Find a spine surgeon that makes you feel comfortable. You will get to ask more about the condition and understand all processes that will be undertaken.

Your mind is able to relax since you can trust the doctor because you are comfortable.

The doctor should always give answers to all the questions you may have.

He /she should spend enough time with you.

A good doctor is also one who is a good listener and should welcome a second opinion.

Enquire about previous surgeries the doctor has carried out.

Could the doctor refer you to the previous patients –hear out their experiences. How many procedures has the surgeon carried out?

Talk to others

Whenever you want to start a business, buy a piece of land, decide to go on vacation, or even choosing something as simple as a hairstyle, many are the times that you inquire from a friend or workmate. You don't want to make a wrong decision, and choosing a spine doctor is no different.

Today on the internet, putting out polls for inquiries has been made much easier. If social media is too heavy for you, you can consult friends and workmates.

You will find out about the best doctors, institutions and hear more about people’s experiences. 

There are a number of things to also look out for in your search for the best spine surgeon:

Ignoring conservative treatment options – surgery is never the first choice when considering treatment. However, a good doctor should always put this in mind. It's is the option after all non-surgical methods have been exhausted.

Coaxes you to surgery – this should be a decision made by you and your close family members.

Doesn't answer your questions – you should never feel bad about asking questions on matters concerning your health. If they get annoyed or find it a bother, it means that they do not fit for the position of the best back doctor.

Does not give you the expectations after surgery or is not forthcoming about issues on treatments and cost.

With this, you will receive the best care and will get better.

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