Yoga history

The beginnings of yoga were developed in India over 5000 years ago. The word yoga came from the Veda. It is a sacred text containing songs, mantras and rituals. Over the centuries, yoga became the culture of our country.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is not only posture of our body, but also the state of our mind. Yoga can be done by anyone. It is a connection between our soul and mind.

Steps to begin

Yoga beginners can start practicing with basic styles of movement of their body parts. It will relax their body muscles and they will get used to it.

1. First, take a survey on Yoga. Search relative information on the internet.
2. Take medical tests. Clarify whether you are physically fit to start your Yoga sessions.
3. Read Yoga related books or articles. Watch videos.
4. Take all the basic knowledge of Yoga and visit any of the following options.

a) Bikram Yoga: It is a system established in early 1970’s by Bikram Choudhary. It consists of 26 positions and two breathing exercises.

b) Professeurs de Yoga/Yoga teacher: Yoga teacher is a certified person who has done particular course or a teacher training program by Yoga professionals. Visit Yoga teacher yourself and learn basic Yoga.

c) Cours de Yoga/Yoga course: It is a course of 1/2/3 months in which Yoga teacher or an instructor teaches you about Yoga by theory and practicals. He/She tells you the importance of our health and Yoga.

d) Centre de Yoga/Studio: It is a room or building in which Yoga professionals train students about Yoga. It is certification course, students opt for. At the end of the program, exams are taken by students and Yoga professionals evaluate their performances and knowledge about Yoga.


Yoga should not be limited to only physical activities because it is more about our mental state. It is a connection between our mind and soul. Meditation is part of working on our mind. It is not only inhaling and exhaling, but when we breathe we should focus our brain on only breathing process. All the thoughts about our life e.g. “I have to go for laundry today”,”Write an article”, “Wash car” should be ignored for a while. It relaxes our mind and increases the lifespan of our brain.

Nowadays, our lifestyle is rapidly changing, so stress factor in our daily life is increasing and in addition lack of exercise makes it worse. We are running over becoming successful and earning money, but forgetting the well said phrase “Health is wealth”. Nothing is more important than our physical and mental health. What is the meaning of having a luxurious car, but also having a back pain. Doing a well paid job, but stressing about life. Our happiness should not be measured by our income. Success is not about becoming a millionaire, but how happy you are and how fit you are physically and mentally.

One should do at least 12 rounds of Suryanamskars every day. It makes great impact on our life. Invest your time for your health instead of stress.

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