We all end up with too much clutter in our homes from time to time. The problem is, how do you get rid of all that clutter and have a more organized home, and life? Sometimes, decluttering your home can seem like a daunting task that you keep putting off because it is so overwhelming. The problem is, this is not helping, and you only end up with more clutter because you bring in new stuff without getting rid of the old stuff first. So, today we are going to look at how easy it can be to declutter your home with a plan that will let you start right away.

1. Start with a Goal

The first thing to do is figure out what it is that you want to accomplish by decluttering your home. Are you looking to turn a spare room into a home office or a guest room? Draw a map of your home, and indicate the rooms that need to be decluttered, grading each room by how cluttered it is. Then, make a plan to tackle one room at a time.

2. Start Small

It can often seem overwhelming to tackle a big cleaning/decluttering job. So, start with the smaller jobs. The more you do, the more accomplished you are going to feel. It will actually seem like you are getting things done. When you see the results, you will feel like you are better able to tackle those bigger decluttering tasks.

3. Sell Stuff

If it is not broken but you don’t use it, sell it and get some money that you can put into your savings. For instance, if you have an older HP laptop that you are no longer using, get rid of it. You can sell HP laptop and other tech gadgets online quickly and easily, and have cash in your hands in just a couple of days.

4. Sort the Clutter

Not all of the things cluttering your home are actual clutter. They may be things you are using, or things that you want to hang onto, such as family heirlooms. So, you need to create a sorting system. We like the three-bin system. One bin is for items you are using and want to keep. Another bin is for items that you don’t use, but want to keep and store. The third bin is for the stuff you want to get rid of.

5. Throw things Away

There is no sense in hanging onto something just because you think you may use it later. This is particularly true of those items that are broken or not working, and you think you can fix them or use them for other projects. If it’s broken or if you don’t use it, throw it away.

6. Give Stuff Away

Do people compliment you on your wardrobe? Do people comment about the nice things you own? If so, start giving them some of these things. If you don’t use it or need it, give it to someone who will really appreciate it. Try to get into the habit if giving away one item each day, and in no time at all you will have eliminated a lot of clutter from your home.

7. Do a Job a Day

Take five minutes each day to tackle a decluttering task. It could be as simple as reorganizing your cutlery drawer, or going through old mail and getting rid of any of the junk mail that you don’t need. You may even find that after doing one small job that you want to do more, because you have a sense of accomplishment.

Author's Bio: 

Jane Hurst, writer from San Francisco. Find her on Twitter!