You have just not lost your love; you have lost your soul. If you really love your partner and left with no chances to get him or her back. The right time has arrived to improve you. Not to make him or her feel jealous but to have strong and healthy build up for rest of your life.

You will probably feel sad, slighted, and insulted, and you will surely desire them a lot. You cannot bear anything with such feelings. Eventually you will grasp that deceiving and duping the other person isn't a good feeling. And anything good that happens because of it will always be affected a little because of the deception. Even if you're angry, the fact that you want to know, 'If improving after break up is really possible?" shows that you're ready to forgive that person.

Some actual tips that works:

Come up with Forgiveness Attitude: It is really very difficult to come over and behave normally after breakup. You will find something that forces you not to forget about your love. There is no other diversion but to stay apart and forgive him or her. This will definitely bring confidence and build faith within you to have strong and healthy future.
Get engaged in Social Group: After a breakup, you would to spend as much time alone. But this loneliness would never help you to heal your pain. To get improved and find positives change in you, get involved in social group and take more initiative to volunteer. Become an active member of your social group.
Express and share you feelings: Everyone has friends and among them one close friend. Don't feel shy or regretful to share your disheartened feelings. They are just not for late night parties and hang out; they are always around you to help you, to take you out of such problems. This will definitely lead your body and mind to relaxation.
Change the way you live: Before you change the whole world in your thoughts, change yourself. This change will be very effective and help you to tackle your daily life problems. From top to bottom, change your life style. The more you see a new person in mirror, more you will bring the quality of forgiveness.

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After breakup everyone asks for fair chance to improve and think how to win love back . You can find million advice to get your ex back but it's not easy to experience to win my ex back , it requires improvement.