Beads, or most commonly known as Rudraksha, are grown on trees. The benefit of this particular item is related directly to our body. According to astrology and religious beliefs, it is related to well-being and prosperity and much more. Most of the times, it is worn only after the discussion with specialists or astrologers. Everything apart, the point comes into question is buying, and that too ‘original’. Many of the times when we go to buy these we come across many duplicate ones. And they either have the wrong effect or no effect. There are particular points one should keep in mind while buying the beads. Here are the four main points to remember while buying either online or offline-

Always Buy From Authentic Store

Selling online is a business on trend, and many sources claim to sell original Rudraksha. Always remember, it is not easily available, and hence one should always purchase from a source that has testimonies available. The testimonies are a proof that the product is original and not a fake, to fool people and earn money. It is not easy to differentiate between fake and genuine sites, so keep the eyes open and look out.

Look For Policies

Look for the online stores that have a refund and return policies both. It is mainly because if one buys from a site that sells Rudraksha and does not do Cash on Delivery, the payment is already made. But when it turns up, it is a fake and the site also does not allow refund or return the sold product. In such a situation the loss will be on the consumer, and the site will have profit. So it is essential first to find if the policy avails refund and returns if the bead turns out to be a fake or not what one desired.


Every online store that deals with rudraksha also provides a certificate of originality from an official laboratory. The document indicates about the originality, for originals are efficient, and the fake will be useless and a complete loss of money.  You should also look at the name of the lab and find out about it before making the purchase. Find if the lab is existing or it is just a scam. Many online stores make fake documents to fool the consumers and to make more money.

Look For Details

When the Rudraksha arrives, look at it through a magnifying glass. Many times, the beads are made by hand and then glue sets it. By looking through a glass, one can quickly identify if it is real or not. Look for tempering on the joints and see if the design is handmade. There are many ways to fool people, but the top online stores are entirely focusing on providing its clients with real and best quality objects. So if you have chosen a store carefully then you can be assured of the originality and the functionality of the product. This is why it is always recommended to spend some time on the internet and research before finalizing the store and making the purchase.

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